The Book of Revelation

Four Horsemen - 4

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I have written several blogposts concerning my thoughts about this wonderful book. In my opinion, it is a book that has largely been misunderstood. I don’t mean to imply that I, only, have found the truth, but I do wish to say that much of today’s understanding contradicts Scripture. Certainly many people have studied the book of Revelation and saw in it prophecies about an “end time” political force that would engulf the world in its power–a political force that could be destroyed only by the second coming of Jesus. Yet, the Bible **never** mentions anything about as supposed ‘end of time’.

Well, there may yet be political alliances for good or evil; I don’t know, but I do know that the book of Revelation does not predict such things occurring beyond 70 AD. The theme of the Book of Revelation concerns the 1st century AD and the politics that affected the world at that time. It largely reveals the judgments of Jesus upon the world as it existed in that (not our) century.

I have listed below what I have written thus far about this book. Many may not agree with what I have claimed, but that’s okay with me. This is what I believe, and I haven’t written anything for the sake of impressing others or to defend any current tradition. I have simply written the truth as I believe it to be, and as it concerns the message of this wonderful book.

[Note: I am in the process of changing my point of view of at least some of these studies. I have also removed several studies that used to appear here, because a great deal needs to be done to rework them to convey what I have come to believe. I take what I believe seriously, and will correct myself when I have been convinced of error. I have come to believe the Lord returned, as he promised, in 70 AD, so all future predictions of his return to this earth are, in my opinion, totally false. Our age, the Gospel age, will never end (Daniel 2:44)].


  1. The First Three Persecutions of the Church
  2. The Little Horn of Daniel
  3. The Seven Headed Beast of Revelation 13
  4. The Ten Horns of the Beast
  5. The Mouth of the Beast
  6. Herod Agrippa and Revelation 13
  7. Who is the False Prophet?
  8. The Image of the Beast
  9. The Image of the Beast & the 7 Sons of Sceva ~ Part 1
  10. The Image of the Beast & the 7 Sons of Sceva ~ Part 2
  11. The Image of the Beast & the 7 Sons of Sceva ~ Part 3
  12. The Mark of the Beast
  13. Mark of the Beast – Part 2
  14. The Mark of the Beast and 666
  15. The Number of the Beast ~ 666
  16. Mystery Babylon the Great

I have decided to eliminate the following studies. I plan to redo these studies, perhaps combining some, but there are too many errors in them for my taste and I won’t permit them to remain on the Internet. I apologize if any reader thought they were true and trusted in my conclusions. I beg both your prayers and your forgiveness.

  1. What is the Millennium?
  2. Does the Millennium Last for 1000 Years?
  3. The Millennium and the Binding of Satan
  4. The Millennium and Reigning with Christ
  5. The Millennium and the Bottomless Pit
  6. The Millennium and the First Resurrection

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