The Book of Revelation

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I have written several blogs concerning my thoughts about this wonderful book. In my opinion, it is a book that has largely been misunderstood. I don’t mean to imply that I, only, have found the truth, but I do wish to say that much of today’s understanding contradicts Scripture. Certainly many people have studied the book of Revelation and saw in it prophecies about an end time political force that would engulf the world in its power–a political force that could be destroyed only by the second coming of Jesus.

Well, there may yet be such a political alliance; I don’t know, but I do know that the book of Revelation does not predict such a thing occurring before Jesus visible return to the Mount of Olives. The theme of the book concerns the 1st century CE and the politics that affected the world at that time. It largely reveals the judgments of Jesus upon the world as it existed in the 1st century.

I have listed below what I have written thus far about this book. Many may not agree with what I have claimed, but that’s okay with me. This is what I believe, and I haven’t written anything for the sake of impressing others or to defend any current tradition. I have simply written the truth as I believe it to be as it concerns the message of this wonderful book.


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