The Olivet Prophecy

Olivet DiscourseWhen the Apostles approached Jesus on the Mount of Olives, they asked him several questions concerning the end of the age and Jesus “coming.” Many folks today believe Jesus’ reply foretold events that must transpire in our own age, believing that those events will precede his return to this earth in our near future. Is this true? I don’t believe it is, and I hope the posts below are sufficient to explain why I hold to this opinion. I shall add to the list as I understand the need and as time will permit. However, if the subject of the Lord’s coming peaks your interest, you may be interested in my AD 70 Eschatology Page.

May the Lord bless all who come here to read and consider the things said about his coming and the end of the age.

  1. The Olivet Prophecy
  2. No Man Knows the Day or the Hour
  3. The Beginning of Sorrows
  4. Delivered Up to Be Persecuted
  5. Gospel to Be Preached in All the World
  6. Caligula and Antiochus Epiphanes
  7. Then Shall Be Great Tribulation
  8. Can the Great Tribulation Be Shortened?
  9. Jerusalem Surrounded by Armies
  10. This Generation
  11. This Generation Revisited
  12. Antichrist and Great Signs and Wonders
  13. Who or What is Antichrist?
  14. Matthew 24 and the Coming of Christ
  15. Jesus’ Coming in 70 AD
  16. The Second Coming of Jesus
  17. A Sure Word of Prophecy
  18. Jesus’ Coming and Paul
  19. As Lightening Comes Out of the East
  20. What Does the Olivet Prophecy Answer?

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