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Babylon the Great Has Fallen!

Babylon the Great

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Years ago, when I was a young man, beginning to read the Bible for the first time in my life, while I was a member of my country’s armed forces, I began with the last book of the Bible! Imagine, reading the final chapter before reading the first. That’s simply not the way to read any book. Nevertheless, I was captivated by the Apocalypse and wanted to learn all I could about it. Over a period of two years I found many folks who were more than willing to unveil its mysteries to me, and I ended up in what many Christians termed a cult. Its leader was very dogmatic about what the Bible says, and his word, i.e. the leader’s word was to be trusted at all costs. I spent close to four years in that fellowship, and it almost cost me my faith. It would be years before I would attend another church. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Coming in Glory

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I’ve been involved in a study of Matthew 16:27-28, showing that it is a single, united statement about Jesus’ coming in his Kingdom and in the glory of the Father, in order to judge mankind according to their works. The problem for futurists is that they absolutely must divide verse-27 from verse-28 in order to maintain their futurist eschatology, because Jesus emphasizes his coming in the glory of the Father with the words: “there are some standing here who shall not taste of death, until they see the Son of Man come in his Kingdom.” Read the rest of this entry »

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No 2000 Year Delay

Jesus' Coming

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In this series of studies I am looking at Matthew 16:27 and 28 and discovering their first century AD implications. Jesus claimed that, in the lifetimes of some of his listeners, he would return in the glory of his Father with the angels of heaven and reward every man according to his works. In other words Jesus predicted his return in that generation of people living in the first century AD. Moreover, when he did come, he would judge each man according to his works, i.e. the judgment would immediately take place at the time of Christ’s coming. Previously, I showed how Jesus was basing his predictions upon Isaiah 40, especially verses 1-10, which also identify the ministry of John the Baptist, who was prophesied to prepare the way for the Lord (Isaiah 40:1-5; Matthew 3:1-3). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Lord Does Not Delay his Promises

Second Coming - 4

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Peter spoke of scoffers who denied his claim that the Lord’s coming was near (2Peter 3:3-4). It seems that many folks today are all too willing to agree with the scoffers of Peter’s day, saying the Lord’s coming is yet in the future and this is nearly 2000 years since Peter’s day. So, those Christians who try to tell us that Jesus will soon appear in our day are really agreeing with the Peter’s scoffers who mocked at his preaching of an early arrival of Jesus. I have to wonder at the strange bedfellows that error breeds. Read the rest of this entry »

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