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A Thousand Years Is AS a Day

Thousand years - 2

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I have heard 2Peter 3:8 argued by futurists that a day with the Lord is a thousand years, and a thousand years is a day. Therefore, the Day of the Lord is still at hand after two thousand years, because it has been only two days with the Lord. I know the person who said this meant well, and thought to defend the Lord’s tardiness from man’s point of view, but this is NOT what Peter said. Peter never said a thousand years is a day with the Lord. He said a thousand years is **AS** a day, and a day is **AS** a thousand years. That’s a simile, not to be taken literally. The use of the words like and as in such phrases make the phrase a figure of speech, such as “crazy like a fox” or ”sturdy as an oak”. It does not follow that people who are described this way are literal foxes or literal oaks or even having the literal strength of an oak. It is unbelievable how even educated people will try to use this phrase in 2Peter 3:8 literally. Read the rest of this entry »

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