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Prisoners of War and Slavery

POW camp

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No matter what the age, and no matter what country one might speak of, prisoners of war present a local problem for that country, and those prisoners are usually put to work (sometimes for a small wage) in some manner within the nation who captured them. This was no less true for ancient Israel. Certainly, most of these gentiles were uncooperative. Certainly they would have been held against their wills, and certainly they would have been made to work under armed guard. This is no less true for POWs in America during World War II than it was for ancient Israel under its kings (cf. 2Samuel 12:31; 1Kings 9:15, 20-22).[1] Yet, though POWs were forced to serve their captors, who would conclude that this was slavery in the same vein as the slave institution that was practiced in early American history? Read the rest of this entry »

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Helping the Poor in Ancient Israel

Women Reaping the Fields

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The problem of the poor is with us even today.[1] I wonder, in the event that someone is able to show he is qualified to judge, who met or meets the need of the poor better—affluent America or ancient Israel under the Law of Moses. Certainly, neither America nor Israel can be held up as offering the ideal problem-solving method, because the poor existed throughout Israel’s history, and they still exist in America today. No nation in history has ever solved the problem of the poor in their societies. Even if many were cared for, many were not. Even if many were fed, clothed and sheltered, few (if any) were taught to feed, clothe and acquire shelter for themselves. So, which method is better, and who is qualified to judge? Read the rest of this entry »

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