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Jesus Is Lord of All!


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Many, if not most of the Jews present at Pentecost 31 AD when the Holy Spirit fell down upon the Apostles, knew Jesus was a man, approved of God, in that he was enabled to perform so many great miracles. They knew this, yet they, and especially those who mocked at the praise of the Apostles, took and crucified Jesus (v.23)—cursing him by putting him on a tree. However, God showed he did not endorse the ruling of the Sanhedrin when he resurrected Jesus from the grave (v.24), because it was not possible for the grave to hold him. Why? It is because God foreknew they would do this, and he had it placed in prophecy in the mouth of David, that he would raise him from the dead. If it is in prophecy, it **must** be fulfilled, if God is to retain his good name. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Theme for Acts

Acts - Theme

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One would find an overall theme of the Gospel narratives summarized in Acts 1:1-3. Jesus taught about the coming Kingdom of God, proving its appearance by those things which he did. God handed his Son over to mankind and the leaders of both Jews and gentiles took him and crucified him (see Psalm 2), but God acquitted him by raising him from the dead and placing him on his throne in the heavens! Now, think about this; if the Kingdom of God has already appeared, and this Kingdom has a King, namely Jesus, then Jesus reigns now! You might ask: how could this be so? Well, Jesus reigns not like any other king we have known, and his Kingdom is not like any other either! Read the rest of this entry »


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