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Jesus’ Third Passover


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Because Luke doesn’t clearly show Jesus celebrating another Passover between John’s death and Jesus’ own crucifixion, many scholars believe Jesus set out to go to Jerusalem for the final time in Luke 9:51. Nevertheless, there are problems with this interpretation, and I believe that folks often skew the Scriptures in order to maintain this doctrine. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Transfiguration and the Apostles


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Often we speak of the Transfiguration as though it was simply an event in the lives of the three Apostles who were with Jesus, and we conclude they simply misunderstood, and in saying so we move on to the next event in the Gospel narratives. We may conclude that Jesus was in a glorified state, something like we expect him to be at his Second Coming (although Jesus’ parousia or coming isn’t mentioned), but then we move on in the narrative. But, wait! What actually happened there on top of Mt. Olives? What did the three Apostles experience, and what might they have been thinking versus its true meaning? What real value can we take away from all this? Read the rest of this entry »

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