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The Appointed Time or Season


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In Revelation 1:3 John writes that his readers need to hear the words of this prophecy and to keep (G5083) or observe the things contained therein, because the time (G2540) was in John’s day at hand. I’ve already developed in previous studies that the Apocalypse was written very early in the first century AD. In this study I hope to show the importance of the word the Apocalypse uses for time, showing beyond doubt that it must point to what occurred to the Jews cir. AD 70. In fact, as we shall see in this study, this prophecy had to have been written early in the first century AD, because there simply isn’t any other event in history that was at hand that could have occurred later in that century into which we could neatly fit the Apocalypse. Moreover, to claim that nearly 2000 years (and counting) translates from the Greek word kairos (G2540) is very unscholarly to say the least, and betrays a bias to honor men instead of God to be more blunt. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Apocalypse and Irenaeus

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We are told in Revelation 1:3 not only that John is a prophet in the vein of the Old Testament prophets, but that the time for the events recorded in this prophecy was “at hand.” However, how should we understand the words: at hand? (cf. Revelation 22:12, 20)? Many believers today think nearly all the Apocalypse is yet to be fulfilled in the future. However, the internal evidence tells a different story. John says the fulfillment of what he was given was at hand (G1451 – Revelation 1:3), or according to Thayer’s Greek Definitions: near, imminent or soon to come to pass. Read the rest of this entry »

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