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God Concept - 1

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Prayer is what we say to God. It can be worship and praise, or it can come in the form of personal requests for ourselves or others whom we know or of whom we have been told and are in need of God’s intervention. Sometimes, prayer is simply conversation with God. It doesn’t take the form of worship, praise or request, but rather it is simply a personal sharing of one’s life similar to how one would do with a friend. Read the rest of this entry »

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The God Concept

God Concept

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Chris, a young author of the Why I am no longer a Christian series on You Tube’s Evid3nc3 channel, correctly concludes in his video The God Concept that our belief in God doesn’t hang upon a single idea. Rather one’s belief in God is supported by a various number of supporting “pillars” of beliefs and experiences that support the “mega belief” of God’s existence. Therefore, if a single belief that supports the existence of God is attacked by a non-believer, and assuming that attack is successful in leaving the Christian with no argument, the Christian is still justified in holding to his belief in God, because there are so many other supporting pillars that remain unscathed by the attacking atheist. Hence, many atheists wrongly consider the Christian position as weak and hypocritical, because (at least in this one assumed instance) he succeeded in disarming the Christian position. Read the rest of this entry »

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