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Trouble in the Church of Ephesus

Trouble in Ephesus

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When he left Ephesus for Macedonia Paul left Timothy behind with authority to oversee the church there (1Timothy 1:3). So, Timothy was left to confront certain believers who had a tendency to teach in a manner contrary to the way of Paul (1Timothy 1:3). Later Paul met with the leaders of the churches of Asia, including Ephesus, when he was making his final voyage to Jerusalem. He told the elders to really consider the positions they had been given in the church by the Holy Spirit, and feed those entrusted to them (Acts 20:29). Paul warned that after he left, men would enter the church who would have no love for the brethren. Rather, they would scatter the church, abuse the brethren and become a burden to them (Acts 20:30). Even men of their own number would arise to teach false doctrines in order to gather a following after themselves (Acts 20:30). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Good Thief

Good Thief

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Luke mentions that one of the criminals taunted Jesus, demanding him to save himself and them who were crucified with him (Luke 23:39). The second criminal, however, rebuked the first, telling him he had no fear of God, before whom they both were coming to be judged (Luke 23:40). The second man admitted to his guilt, saying that both his and the other man’s judgment fit the crimes they committed (Luke 23:41). Read the rest of this entry »

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Healing versus Sorcery


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After the woman who had secretly touched Jesus from behind in order to be healed came forward, Jesus said to her “Shalom, (or be at peace), your faith has saved you!” (Luke 8:48). Apparently, the woman may have taken part in a number of healing efforts conducted by “spiritual healers” of Jesus’ day. It is interesting that the original text of Luke, the beloved physician (cf. Colossians 4:14), doesn’t mention that the woman spent all her living on physicians who couldn’t heal her. That is, what we find in Luke 8:43 in some translations is contested by some scholars, but that phrase and others pertaining to physicians is found in Mark and is uncontested. Read the rest of this entry »

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Peter’s Mother-in-law’s Fever

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Jesus was rejected in Nazareth and challenged in Capernaum, but his disciples trusted him, that what he claimed was true (cf. John 1:40-49; 2:11). Knowing this, it seems justified that the text should show that it was Jesus’ disciples who first asked him to do something on their behalf, not as a sign, but as a work of mercy. That is, they appealed to his compassion (Luke 4:38). This is quite different from demanding a sign like changing stones to bread or leaping from a great pinnacle (Luke 4:3, 9). They weren’t looking for signs and wonders that would appeal to their curiosity, but in their compassion for the weak, they appealed to Jesus’ compassion. Read the rest of this entry »

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