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Did God Force the Jews to Reject Christ?


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In 1Peter 2:8 we are told that the Jews who are in unbelief were “appointed” to stumble at Christ (1Peter 2:8)! But, what does this mean? Were the Jews appointed or destined to reject Jesus? I don’t believe this view was Peter’s intent. Otherwise, one might expect him to express some sort of lamentation over the condition of his people, the Jewish nation. Paul grieved over the Jews, wishing he could be accursed from Christ, if that meant his kinsmen (the Jews) were accepted. In other words, he was willing to trade places with his nation, if God would will it so. Yet, nothing like this is expressed by Peter, so how could he mean to say that God intended that the Jewish nation would reject Jesus, their Messiah—the Elect or Chosen One? Read the rest of this entry »

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