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Trusting in the Promise of God

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What does Peter mean by saying: “through him you believe in God” (1Peter 1:21)? If his intended readers were believing Jews of the Diaspora (1Peter 1:1), didn’t they already believe in God prior to the coming of Christ and their submission to him? I don’t think Peter meant for us to view his statement quite like that. For example, Jesus claimed in John 12:44 and 14:6 that believing in him is the same as believing in God. Moreover, no one (Jew or gentile) is able to come to the Father (God) except through Jesus. I believe this is what is behind Peter’s statement “through him you believe in God” (1Peter 1:21). It was Jesus who fully expressed the God whom no one had seen (John 1:18) or known (Luke 10:22), so Peter is correct in saying the Jews of the Diaspora believe in God through Jesus, because, prior to Jesus’ coming, the Jews had a poor understanding of God who is love. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

One of the biggest problems of the Big Bang theory is that it needs too many theoretical issues to permit wiggle room to account for its discrepancies. In my previous blog I attempted to show how the arms of a spiral galaxy would collapse in an old universe after only a few turns. Since according to the naturalists’ point of view, the Milky Way galaxy (and every other galaxy) is billions of years old, our sun should have orbited our galactic center at least 20 times. Yet, even if our solar system orbited our galactic center only 4 or 5 times, the spiral arms of the Milky Way would no longer be visible. Yet, they are! Read the rest of this entry »

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