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Looking for a Better Resurrection

Better Resurrection

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Arguably, one of the most difficult barriers to accepting an AD 70 Second Coming of the Lord would be there wasn’t a visible resurrection. If the resurrection did occur, what should it have looked like? Should we have looked for the physical graves to open and the bodies of the dead to rise to life—physically? If the dead ones were raised to a physical life, shouldn’t they be living on earth today or, if not, shouldn’t they have died a second time long ago? If the dead ones were raised to a spiritual, eternal life, what would that have looked like, physically speaking? Was the resurrection of Jesus actually witnessed by anyone? Certainly we have the scriptures telling us that an angel of the Lord descended and took away the stone, and for fear of **him** the keepers shook (Matthew 28:2-4), but did the keepers of the grave actually **see** Jesus rise out of the tomb? If they did, why does scripture tell us that Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9). Read the rest of this entry »

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