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Quirinius, Governor of Syria

Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem

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Luke claims that Quirinius[1] was governor (hegemoneuo – G2230) of Syria when the enrollment of all the people of the Empire took place (Luke 2:1-2). However, history shows us that either Saturninus or Quinctilius Varus was governor of Syria when Jesus was born.[2] Nevertheless, Josephus also shows us that there were at least two governors of Syria during the time when Herod suspected disloyalty among several members of his family, and when he had them tried and executed.[3] Therefore, it may be possible that Quirinius acted as a governor of some capacity of Syria during the time Jesus was born, or even under some special authority by order of the Emperor to take the census. Read the rest of this entry »

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Paul’s First Defense

With the Roman fortress behind him and the Temple of God before him, in chains and surrounded by a Jewish mob crying out for his death and Roman soldiers holding him in a precarious protective custody, Paul began his first of four final addresses. This one is before his countrymen, the Jews. I already discussed Paul’s main defense in a previous blog, but I wish to emphasize the logic behind Paul’s defense in this one. The mob grew silent as Paul lifted his hand in a gesture to speak, and when he spoke in Hebrew, the silence became even more pronounced (Acts 22:1-2). Paul’s defense was a simple narration of his life from birth to his embracing Messianic Judaism and his vision of Jesus in the Temple of God. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why the Silence?

Aside from Jesus’ birth accounts and his trip to Jerusalem at age twelve, these are the only records we have of his early childhood and youth. Why? Why didn’t the apostles record anything for us about how he grew up? Wouldn’t this also be of use to us, if we are supposed to follow his example? Well, actually, the accounts of the early years of Jesus are in perfect harmony with similar accounts of people of the Old Testament like Jacob, Joseph, Moses and David. Aside from a few snapshots of their lives as babes or their youth, we have nothing concerning them either! Read the rest of this entry »

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Three Trips to Jerusalem

Luke records three trips to Jerusalem made by Mary and Joseph in the second chapter of his Gospel. During the first trip, Jesus was born and presented before the Lord, being the first male child of Mary who opened her womb. While Mary and Joseph were in the Temple performing the duties of the Law, they marveled at the words of prophecy spoken by Simeon and Anna. Jesus’ parents learned about their Son, while they obeyed the commands of the Law. Read the rest of this entry »


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How Did You Come to Know Jesus?

Jesus tells us in the Scriptures that we have not chosen him, but he has chosen us (John 15:16)! He goes on to say that no one can actually come to him unless the Father draws him (John 6:44), implying that we are unable to come to Jesus on our own. In other words, our coming to know Jesus is really a supernatural event. We may respond, but our response itself is prompted by God (Ephesians 2:4-10) So, how is it that you have come to know Jesus? Have you ever really asked yourself this question? Read the rest of this entry »


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Silent Night

La vierge aux raisins
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Matthew is quite unlike Luke in his presentation of the birth account of Jesus. In Matthew Jesus’ birth is shrouded in mystery! In his first chapter he presents Jesus ancestry in a manner that both offends the reader and compels him to decide one way or another about Jesus. He is the King in a manger—God become man—the response to the curse of God or he is none of these. Chapter one brings us to Jesus’ birth, and chapter two begins with: “Now when Jesus was born…”, leaving this silent night in which the birth had taken place without a word of explanation. Luke fills in the gap, but Matthew leaves the reader at the gap which turns out to be a kind of gate through which only the believer may pass through.[1] Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Roots!

I remember watching the TV miniseries “Roots” ~ a dramatization of author Alex Haley’s family line beginning with Kunta Kinte’s enslavement to his descendants’ liberation. My family watched each of the eight programs with great interest. I think one’s family history is not only interesting to one’s self, but to many others as well. One’s genealogy seems to personalize history, makes it more real, I think. I believe one or two of the episodes of “Roots” held ratings records for the most watched program for a few years afterward. Read the rest of this entry »


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