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If You Call on Him as Father…

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from Google Images

The Revised Version is better than the KJV when reading 1Peter 1:17: “If you call on him as Father…” Jesus said: “When you pray…” (Luke 11:2) where the implication is one of obligation not supposition. Therefore, in 1Peter 1:17 it is not **if** we call upon our Father (as in the KJV), but, rather, **since** we call upon him as our Father (as in the RV), we owe him respect (Malachi 1:6). That is, since we call upon him as Father—he who judges without partiality—we need to live out our lives in fear, i.e. showing respect for him, so that his name isn’t blasphemed among unbelievers due to unfaithful and evil behavior on our part (cf. Romans 2:23-24). Read the rest of this entry »


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