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What Does ‘This Generation’ Mean?

This Generation - 2.

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The phrase this generation occurs sixteen times in the New Covenant scriptures.[1] The problem is that scholars don’t agree on how we should understand the term, especially at Matthew 24:34, where we are told that this generation shall not pass until all these things (i.e. the things Jesus described in Matthew 24:4-33) occur. Some scholars conclude this generation refers to the race of the Jews, meaning there will always be a Jewish people until the time of Jesus’ second coming.[2] Nevertheless, the word is never used in this sense in the whole of the New Covenant record. Other scholars conclude that this generation refers to the final generation before the end of the world.[3] However, such a conclusion hardly honors Jesus’ standing as a prophet, because, if there could be an end to the world, there **must** be a final generation that wouldn’t pass until the end occurred. So, how should we understand this phrase? Read the rest of this entry »

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