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Authorship of Second Peter Revisited


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In an earlier posting, I argued for the authenticity of both epistles of Peter together.[1] Before entering into an actual study of Peter’s second epistle, I would like to look again at its authorship in an effort to further confirm its legitimacy in the canon of Scripture. While some folks may consider this a biased approach to knowing its author, I have to wonder who is ever unbiased in anything he says or does in the search for truth. Does an atheists honestly consider the evidence before him, or does he study the evidence with a view of knowing how he might support his worldview? Similarly, does the Biblical critic really approach the study of the New Testament with a view of proving an unbiased truth about it, or does he approach his study with the purpose of further substantiating his personal convictions about the matter? If there is truly an unbiased person in this world. I would like to meet him. Read the rest of this entry »

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