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Female Impurity at Childbirth


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Some like to take issue with the fact that a woman who bears a child is seen as impure in the eyes of God (through the Mosaic Law).[1] Such feelings arise from a misunderstanding of both the text and ancient ANE traditions. Ancient Babylonian, Egyptian and Persian laws concerned themselves with female cleansing after childbirth. Probably, if ancient Israel did not address the issue of impurity at childbirth, she would have been out of sync with the ANE culture of her day. Even Hippocrates discusses purgation ceremonies in ancient Greece, which were performed after childbirth. Yet, why would God choose to continue the tradition by reproducing it in the culture he was creating in the new nation of Israel? Read the rest of this entry »

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Barbarism and Crude Laws

ANE cultural changeSometimes it is difficult for our Western mindset to come to grips with the ways of the Ancient Near East (ANE)[1]. The problem, at least from a contextual standpoint, is that we evaluate the severity of the Mosaic Law in the light of our Western culture, rather than in the context of ANE traditions. If the new atheists (and those of us who agree with them) would focus on the original context in which the Mosaic Law was given, a new and more positive understanding might develop, rather than merely gaining rhetorical points by dwelling upon the intellectual snobbery motif of the backward ways of the Bible in light of modern Western thought. Read the rest of this entry »

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Victims and Injustice

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Everything about us matters to God. When he set Israel apart from other nations, he showed he was intensely interested in their lives—how they behaved toward one another and even how they treated their enemies.[1] In fact, God’s interest in such things becomes even more evident in the diet he commanded for his people. The very food they ate in their daily meals was to remind them of how they should behave toward others. In previous blog-posts I examined the injustice of predatory behavior. Overly aggressive, violent activity and holiness simply do not mix. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Samaritan ~ The Great Pretender

Great Pretender

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Even if a persecution did not follow the death of Stephen, the Gospel would have had to break out of the haven at Jerusalem where it was nurtured by the Spirit of God since Pentecost. The Jewish religious authorities, in killing Stephen, had officially rejected Jesus as the Messiah and the Kingdom of God whereby the believer is the bearer of the Shekinah Presence of God and considered thereby to be the Third Temple of God built by the Messiah. Having rejected this, they set up the abomination that eventually made Jerusalem and its Temple a desolation. Read the rest of this entry »


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