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Jesus’ Coming with the Clouds

coming in the clouds

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John tells us in Revelation 1:7 that Jesus would come with the clouds, and every eye would see him. But, what does he mean by saying this? Should we expect to see Jesus riding upon a puffy, white, cumulus cloud some day? Some people may think this is exactly what the text, and others like it, means. In other words, the most apocalyptic book among the records of the New Covenant must be taken literally, and, therefore, Jesus has not yet come! I have even seen paintings that indicate Jesus would literally return to the earth riding upon a cloud and all his saints with him. This, however, is far too literal an interpretation for an apocalyptic text such as this one. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jesus Coming in the Clouds

Coming in the Clouds

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The Old Testament is full of examples of God coming to judge one nation or another. Apocalyptic or metaphorical language is often used to express the presence of God on such occasions. Terms such as God riding on the clouds are used, or the heavens had been rolled up like a scroll and God came down and the mountains melted like wax in a fire. Nevertheless, no one had ever actually seen God literally, physically or bodily, come out of heaven. No one had ever actually seen the heavens literally roll up like a scroll (Isaiah 34:4) or the mountains literally melt like wax in a fire (Isaiah 64:3). Yet, this is how the prophets of old had described God’s judgments against the nations. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah

Judgment of Sodom

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To show the nature of God’s judgment upon the false teachers of the second chapter of his second epistle, Peter pointed to three examples of God’s judgment upon mankind. His first example of God’s judgment, which fell upon the angels or messengers (patriarchs) of God, pointed to Satan (through the leaders into whose hands he vested his authority – see Revelation 13:2). Peter’s second example of God’s judgment was the Noahic Flood, which points to the world. In his final example of God’s judgment Peter mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah which cities God destroyed because of their extreme wickedness, and this judgment corresponds to the flesh (cf. Jude 1:7). It is this third judgment that will be the subject of this blogpost. Read the rest of this entry »

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