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Jesus Third Passover

Rejected Messiah

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It is important for us to realize that Jesus at this time is not traveling to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51) in order to die there, as so many Bible commentaries suppose.[1] Rather, Jesus set his face as a flint to go to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51) in order to confront the religious authorities about his office as Messiah, and this happened to be the time of his third Passover of his public ministry. The Galilean Jewish authorities had already rejected Jesus as their Messiah (Luke 6:11; cf. Matthew 12:14, 23-24; Mark 3:22), and considered his claim to be demonic, or, put another way, evidence of insanity (Mark 3:21; cf. John 10:20). Nevertheless, Jerusalem hadn’t the opportunity to officially reject him, although they hadn’t shown any signs of receiving him as their Messiah up to this visit, either. Read the rest of this entry »

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