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The Lord Comes Suddenly to His Temple

Temple - living stones

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During the days of the judges, when Samuel, the prophet, was a little boy ministering in the Temple, a man of God came to Eli, the high priest, and told him that not only had God rejected him, but had rejected the priesthood of Aaron in favor of a priest of his own choosing (1Samuel 2:27-36). Similarly, during the days of Annas, the high priest, Jesus came into the Temple at age 12, answering and asking questions that astonished the teachers of the Law (Luke 2:46-47). Just as Samuel was his mother’s firstborn, but was not redeemed, causing him to be dedicated to the Lord and so was attached to the priesthood, so Jesus, without a record of his redemption at birth (Luke 2:22), and being his mother’s firstborn, was, therefore, dedicated to the Lord and was technically a Priest of God from birth. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Gospel Cannot Be Hid

LeavenThe Lord warns us that we need to beware of hypocrisy. What we are within will be made manifest to others. It is impossible for any of us to hide our true character forever. Eventually, God will bring all things hidden out into the open. The heart of the hypocrite is open to the Lord, and believers are no different. Our hearts, for good or for bad, are open to him as well. The implication Luke 12:1-12 is that the inner realm is much stronger than that of the outer. We cannot hide who we are. In Matthew 10:27, it is the Jesus who spoke in darkness, and what he said had to be proclaimed in the light. In Luke 12:3, it is we who speak in the darkness, and God, for honor or dishonor, will bring that to light as well. What the Lord whispers in our ears will be made public, and what we whisper in the ear of others cannot be hid. It must be made public. There is a power at work here that we are unable to see, but we are able to witness its effect. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blessings and the Limitations of Men


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There are four parts to the parable in Luke 6:39. Luke mentions that Jesus spoke to the people as he began concluding his sermon on the plain. The parts are: the blind leaders, the speck in the eye, the good and bad tree and the man’s heart (Luke 6:39-45). The parable stands out as a warning both to those who would follow after men and to those who trust in themselves that they are able to lead and teach men. Moreover, the parable contrasts good and bad teachers, showing what men should look for, before they choose which leaders or teachers they believe and follow. Read the rest of this entry »

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