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Almsgiving and Righteousness

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Jesus taught his disciples to be generous with what they had (Luke 11:41; 12:33), which Peter did do in Acts 3:1-8. This seems to put almsgiving in a light that does not necessarily mean to give out of one’s wealth in worldly goods (cf. Luke 21:1). It can also indicate sharing some spiritual gift God has given us with someone in need. The word used by Luke for almsgiving is eleemosune (G1654). According to Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, the word means “pity, mercy… the benefaction itself, a donation to the poor, alms.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Profiteering Inside the Temple

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Jewish tradition tells us that the money-changers (Matthew 22:17-21) were licensed by the high priests, the authorities at Jerusalem. Without any doubt, Annas and his family figured prominently among them, and most of the high priests profited very well for the business conducted by the money-changers and those who sold animals for sacrifice inside the Temple compound. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Parable of the Leaven

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In Luke 13:20-21 Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, until the whole was leavened. Like the mustard seed, many Biblical scholars believe the leaven permeating the whole three measures of flour represents the Gospel going out to the world, until the whole world is brought under the influence of Christ. The problem with this interpretation is that even after 2000 years the whole world has not been brought under the influence of Christ, and even those areas which have heard the Gospel have been corrupted, some even doing violence in the name of Christ. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Were the Generation of Vipers?


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God sent John, the son of Zacharias, to prepare the people of Israel for the coming of Jesus, the Messiah. From the very beginning of Luke’s Gospel, we get the idea that something is wrong. Luke doesn’t come right out and say what’s wrong, but what he does say implies corruption, and his implications cannot be missed by Theophilus, the high priest, to whom Luke’s Gospel is addressed. Earlier, Luke alluded to the days of Samuel, the prophet, when the high priesthood was corrupt. The implication is that in John’s day it was no different. Nevertheless, one cannot openly accuse one’s leadership of wrongdoing during the 1st century AD and expect to live a long life. John accused Herod of committing adultery by taking his brother’s wife for himself, and John was beheaded not long afterward. Jesus openly confronted the Jewish leadership (Matthew 21:23-46) and was crucified within a week. Read the rest of this entry »

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