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Looking for the Day of the Lord!

Day of the LordIf the Day of the Lord arrived today, what would it look like? What do the Scriptures say about this day, and should we understand them literally or is there another way to see them that fulfills what we are told, but doesn’t destroy everything God created? Peter writes about the “world that then was” as he speaks of the judgment of the Flood, implying that the heavens and earth existing in Peter’s day were different from what we would have found before the Flood. Yet, not only did the old heavens and earth pass away to make room for that which Peter knew, but Peter tells us to look for new heavens and a new earth different from what he knew. In other words, the Scriptures speak three times of God making new heavens and a new earth, the final one coming with the Day of the Lord. What does all this mean, and can we know? Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Soften a Hard Heart

hard heart

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In Matthew 19:8 Jesus told the Pharisees who questioned him about divorce that Moses allowed divorce because of their hard hearts. As a whole, ancient Israel simply wouldn’t accept a monogamous relationship. Therefore, in order to protect the more vulnerable woman, God (through Moses) commanded Israel how former wives and their children should be treated in the event a man should marry another woman. Even so, and remembering that it has been my position that Israel was at the time of his inheritance no more righteous than the Egyptians whom God had judged on Israel’s behalf, this idea of a hard heart should be explored in the light of the Canaanite wars. Read the rest of this entry »

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