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Did Jesus Pray to Avoid the Crucifixion?


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After his final meal, which he shared with his disciples, and when he had finished speaking, Jesus went out to the Mount of Olives (Luke 22:39). Many of the things that were recorded to have been done by Jesus recently were planned ahead of time and kept secret, no doubt, to avoid any prior knowledge on the part of Judas and the authorities who wished to arrest him. However, this was not so for Jesus’ choice of where to go on the Mount of Olives to spend the night, and Judas knew of this place on the mount. A way had to be made for Jesus’ arrest, but that event couldn’t happen until the prophesied time—the day the Passover lamb was slain.

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The Woman and the Lost Coin

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In Luke 15:8-10 Jesus spoke a parable about a woman and a lost coin. It is interesting that Jesus would cause the woman to represent mankind, who rejoices over the finding what was lost in man’s relationship with God. Her search is as one seeks a treasure (Proverbs 2:1-6), and this represents one’s repentance toward God (Luke 15:10). I believe Jesus chooses a woman in order to rebuke the Pharisees. His words are meant to be a kind of shock to get them to consider their behavior. Most Jewish authorities in the first century didn’t consider women on the same level as men. In fact, some of these authorities didn’t believe women should even be taught the Scriptures.
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The Marriage Supper

Marriage Supper - 1In Luke 12:35-40 Jesus spoke of his coming, and this coming was in the context of a wedding or the marriage supper. I think we might be able to understand what Jesus was saying to his disciples better, if we knew more about what a wedding looked like in the first century AD. First of all, unlike most marriages today, the wedding was usually arranged by the heads of two families, and falling in love had little, if anything, to do with such an arranged marriage. Love would come later. In fact, in most cases the couple hadn’t met prior to the arrangement ceremony. Indeed, if the case of Isaac wasn’t a singularity (Genesis 24:64-65), they may not have met until after all the arrangements had been made. Moreover, our modern wedding ceremonies, including Jewish ones, are very unlike that of the ancients, so to truly understand the metaphors hidden in them we must acquaint ourselves with how those things were done in the Bible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Does God Condone Rape?


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Some view Deuteronomy 22:28-29 as God excusing the act of rape or at least not being sensitive to the victim—a young woman. Is this true, and how can we answer such a charge? First of all, we should never take a few lines of Scripture out of their context and think to make an accurate appraisal of the intended meaning. The judicial decision in Deuteronomy needs to be placed within the context where it is found in order to understand its meaning.[1] Read the rest of this entry »

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