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The Defeat of Satan

Fall of Satan - 1

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It seems that, while the Seventy were on their mission, Jesus was looking for results and saw Satan fall from heaven as quickly and as suddenly as a bolt of lightning (Luke 10:18). Some scholars try to say this points to a fall before the creation of mankind, but they have no Scriptural authority for such an understanding. It appears that Jesus was speaking of the direct result of his own ministry. Jesus had at that time delivered a severe blow to the work and might of Satan. What Jesus saw happen to Satan occurred as a consequence of Jesus sending out the Seventy on their mission as lambs among wolves (cf. Luke 10:3), because he had given them authority to trample all over the works of Satan, treating his ministers and their superstitious methods of healing with utter contempt (Luke 10:19). Read the rest of this entry »

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Dinosaurs and Man

Did dinosaurs and man live at the same time? According to naturalists the two are separated by at least 65 million years, and their interpretation of the geologic column is offered as proof for the opinion they hold. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of evidence showing humans and dinosaurs coexisted from the beginning, but this “evidence” is ignored by evolutionary scientists. Why? One can only presume that it is to enable them to keep believing in their theory. Read the rest of this entry »


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