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Deception in Thyatira

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Thyatira was the smallest of the seven cities on an ancient Roman mail route. Beginning in Ephesus one would travel north to Smyrna and then to Pergamum. At this point the mail rider changed to a southerly direction and came to Thyatira on the left of the road from Pergamum to Sardis.[1] The church of Thyatira is sometimes called the corrupt church, but I believe this has more to do with a forced historical interpretation of the seven churches than anything else. The idea that these churches represent seven eras of church history is completely false. It is eisegesis rather than exegesis. Jesus had some very good things to say about this church, and to conclude that it was a corrupt church in order to fit it into a corrupt era in church history is simply ridiculous. There is absolutely no good reason to do so. In fact, it is slanderous to do so, in my opinion, and that against brethren whom Jesus commended for their labor. Read the rest of this entry »

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Not With Observation

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No matter which futurist eschatology one embraces as true, premillennialist, amillennialist or postmillennialist, it says Jesus’ Second Coming is yet future, and the predominant view is that at that time Jesus will set up is Kingdom. It will be a physical Kingdom, ruled by Jesus in a physical body and his throne will be located in physical Jerusalem. I have to wonder what folks, who embrace this eschatology, do with Luke 17:20-21. When he was asked when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied that one couldn’t see it with his physical eyes, nor could anyone point to it here or over there. If Jesus came in a physical body, wouldn’t men be able to see him? If his Kingdom was physical wouldn’t folks be able to say the Kingdom is there but not here or vise versa. In other words, folks would be able to see it with their physical eyes, just like we are able to see the location of the government of the United States or Canada or Great Britain. Read the rest of this entry »


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