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The Unfavorable Contrast

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In Luke 4:25-27 Jesus unfavorably contrasted his countrymen, his neighbors at Nazareth, with two gentiles, one from Sidon and the other from Syria. Both the widow, whose food supply never failed because of the word of Elijah, and the leper, who was healed by the prophet, Elisha, believed the word of God. In other words they let the word, as it was spoken by the prophet, bear fruit in their lives. Yet, the Nazarenes wouldn’t allow this to occur with Jesus’ words. Rather, they demanded him, as though he ruled over the power that rested upon him, to do a miracle and prove who he claimed to be (cf. Luke 4:22). Read the rest of this entry »

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Deconversion—a la Professor

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from Google Images

Chris, the young atheist I’m following, finished his two videos, Deconversion—the Bible (part 1 & part 2) with an exchange between himself and “the professor”. It has now become clear that Chris really respects this man who seems to have become his mentor. If Chris ever asked “the professor” to prove anything he claimed, it isn’t clear from Chris’ video series. Rather, he seems to simply take whatever the professor says on its own merit—something he, by this time, no longer does concerning the Bible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus and Raising the Dead

In Acts 9:36-43 we have Luke’s recording of the miracle of Peter raising Tabitha or Dorcas from the dead. This is the first account of anyone after Christ raising anyone from the dead, which causes me to wonder why the believers at Joppa would believe Peter should be called to raise up this woman who did so many good works. What would cause them to believe that Peter could raise up Tabitha? I am not alone in believing that they had sent for Peter before Tabitha died. Otherwise, why tell Peter to hurry. Jesus didn’t hurry to raise up Lazarus, so, if Tabitha had already died, why would it be necessary for Peter to hurry? In any case what Jesus did through Peter here, he also did through Paul at Acts 20:9-12; but what does all this mean—what is Luke telling us, or more immediately his addressee, Theophilus? Read the rest of this entry »

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Is it True Elijah Went to Heaven?

It is commonly believed by most folks who believe the Bible is true that Elijah never died. When he ascended in a fiery chariot, it is commonly thought that Elijah went directly into heaven, living forever, without ever having to die. Is this so? If it is so, how does this understanding square with Jesus’ words in John 3:13 that “…no man has ascended into heaven except for he who came down from heaven…”, namely Jesus, himself? Read the rest of this entry »


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