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At That Time – Resurrection

Michael the Archangel

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In my previous study, I discussed how the resurrection is inextricably tied to both the Great Tribulation and the appearing of Jesus (2Timothy 4:1), and when this is realized, one simply cannot divide the Olivet Discourse at Matthew 24:36, to say that all that comes before it refers to Jesus’ spiritual coming in 70 AD, and all that comes afterward refers to Jesus’ alleged physical Second Coming sometime in our future. At this time I hope to approach this idea from a slightly different perspective to further substantiate what I’ve done in my study on the Great Tribulation, so that study is connected to this one, but both should be able to stand alone, as far as proving my point is concerned. The one merely reinforces the other. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reserved for Fire

Last Days

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Jesus called the generation of Jews living during the days of his earthly ministry a generation of vipers (Matthew 23:33), and he told them to fill up the cup of their fathers who had killed the prophets of God (Matthew 23:29-32). Moreover, Jesus told the Jewish authorities there in Jerusalem that he would send to them wise men and scribes whom they would kill, beat and persecute from city to city, and in the process of the wickedness they would bring upon their own heads the bloodguilt for all the righteous who were ever slain and persecuted. They, that faithless generation to whom Jesus spoke, would be held accountable and judged for it all (Matthew 23:34-36). Read the rest of this entry »

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Stored Up and Reserved for Judgment

End of the Age

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I have been commenting on the meaning of Peter’s words in 2Peter 3:7 for the past several studies, and I intend to continue to do so in this one. Peter uses two words in order to support the idea that ‘heaven and earth’ refer to the Jewish or the Old Covenant age. Notice that he says “…the heavens that now are, and the earth, by the same word have been stored up for fire, being reserved against the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men” (emphasis mine). I want to consider the words stored up and reserved in order to understand more accurately what Peter is telling us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Would the Scoffers Ridicule Peter?

Scoffers - 4People want to talk about the end times, Christ’s coming in the clouds, the end of the world, what’s going on in the Middle East and how that pertains to ‘end time events’ and Jesus’ feet standing on the Mount of Olives, but they **don’t** want to talk about the time statements indicated in the prophecies that point to those same events! The only thing they know about that time is “no one knows the day or the hour.” Yet, Jesus told us that the very things these folks want to talk about would occur in a single generation—that is, the generation in which Jesus lived (Matthew 23:36; 24:34). Nevertheless, NO ONE wants to talk about that! Therefore, these folks simply ignore the fact that Peter mentions the similarity of what he was about to tell his readers (2Peter 3:1) to what he had already told them in his first epistle. That is where Peter claimed that he and his readers were living in the last time (1Peter 1:5).[1] Read the rest of this entry »

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How Did the Jews Understand Daniel?

Understanding Daniel

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Jesus claimed that the Law and the Prophets were until John (Luke 16:16), and Isaiah spoke of an age, or the time of the Jews’ service, coming to an end in Isaiah 40:2. Isaiah’s prophecy is at the heart of the reason for John’s ministry (Luke 3:4-5; cf. Isaiah 40:3-4). The end of this period marked the beginning of the time when the Kingdom of God was preached (Luke 16:16). In a previous blogpost I argued that the age that came to an end is represented in Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Prophecy as the time of the building of the Temple and the waiting for the Messiah, comprising 483 years (cf. Daniel 9:25). Read the rest of this entry »

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Many Christians believe there will be an end time revival before the Second Coming of Christ to this earth.[1] Without commenting on the validity of such a thing, what might that look like, if it occurred, and what should we be doing in an effort to make ourselves ready for it? The words that come immediately to mind are the words of Christ that the disciple is not above his master, nor is the servant above his lord (Matthew 10:24). If Jesus shook up his world during his earthly ministry, then whatever an end time revival might look like, it is enough to say that we should be as our Lord (Luke 6:40), and, whatever we believe the Bible says about such a period, it should never be made to mean something that contradicts the nature of Jesus as Servant, i.e. the Weakness of God or the One of no reputation. The Bible is the word of God written down to reveal the Word of God. It cannot be made to violate that understanding (John 10:35). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Day of the Lord

Day of the Lord

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At times I wonder if it isn’t easier to convince an unbeliever of the truth about the Lord and his word than to convince a believer who believes wrong doctrine and thinks he is correct. It doesn’t seem to matter how many Scriptures I use to prove a point, the brother will cling to the error taught him by a man he trusts or the organization of which he is a member. Read the rest of this entry »

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Image of the Beast & The 7 Sons of Sceva ~ Part 1

Awhile ago, I had been reading about a particular study theme in Lee T. Dahn’s blog showing both the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts have an underlying theme that contrasts the priestly family of Annas with the priesthood of Christ, the one being corrupt and the other holy. I found his point of view very interesting, and because of my reading his study, I have begun to recognize this theme behind some of the symbols in the book of Revelation. For example, I’ve already made the claim that the Image of the Beast is actually the seven sons or descendents of Annas, the high priest. Read the rest of this entry »


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Who or What is Antichrist?


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Many folks seem to be looking for an end-time figure who would rule the world for a short time, and this political figure would set up a deal with the Jews and later betray them. It would look like he would make peace, but in the end terrible destruction eventually takes place. They have several names for this political person: the Beast, the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition and even Antichrist, because he is supposed to also persecute Christians. What about these things; are they true? No, they are actually false conceptions. I have already written about the Beast and about the Man of Sin, who is also the Son of Perdition. At this time I intend to address the name Antichrist. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gospel to Be Preached in All the World

Gospel Preached to the World - 3

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In Matthew 24:14 Jesus said the Gospel of the Kingdom of God would be preached in all the world, and then the end would come. What does this mean? Did Jesus mean it must be preached to every remote tribe or village on every continent and island on the planet? Did he mean it had to be preached to every people-group, as is assumed by many today? If Jesus cannot come, until the Gospel is preached according to his command, then it should be obvious in the text what Jesus meant. Otherwise, how would the disciples know what to do? So, what does the text actually say? Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Coming in 70 AD

Jerusalem's Temple

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“When shall these things be?” (Matthew 24:3). Some folks try to say that this question concerned the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, but the final two questions in this verse, namely “What shall be the sign of your coming” and “(What shall be the sign) of the end of the age (or world)?” are for our future in the 21st century. But is this true? Read the rest of this entry »


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Can the Great Tribulation be Shortened?

Great Tribulation Time

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In Matthew 24:21 Jesus foretold a time of great tribulation. It is from here that we get our modern doctrine of “The Great Tribulation.” In Revelation believers are warned to repent or they would go through “Great Tribulation,”  (Revelation 2:22) and then in Revelation 7:14 we find that many did repent, while going through “Great Tribulation.” Unless we have evidence that there is more than one great tribulation, it seems we must understand these scriptures to point to the same event.  Read the rest of this entry »


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This Generation Revisited

World Without EndWhat does the term “this generation” mean as it pertains to the Biblical events and especially Matthew 24:34? Many folks seem to think it means a generation 2000 years or more after Jesus gave us the Olivet Prophecy. Notice:

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Antichrist & Great Signs and Wonders

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A lot of folks seem to be looking for some great magician  to come on the scene, someone to really WOW the world and cause them to believe that God is speaking through him. I have to wonder, though, how atheists would receive such a person. Why would they suddenly believe God exists, simply  because someone is wowing the crowds and claiming to be God’s representative on earth? While such a thing may be a great Hollywood box office hit, I don’t believe this idea works in our culture, and, quite frankly, preaching it makes Christianity look foolish. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Beginning of Sorrows

Beginning of Sorrows

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In the Olivet Prophecy Jesus told the disciples that they had to be on their guard, so they wouldn’t be deceived (Matthew 24:4). Then he pointed out several things from wars and natural disasters to false-christs that would seem to lead people into thinking “the end” was near. People are never more religious than during times of disaster. When hope is ebbing away and control over one’s life seems all but gone, people turn to God, or at least give an appearance of turning to him. Churches fill up during the times of war. Many in America began turning to God during the 911 Crises in 2001. But, as time takes the edge off our fears, we begin to resettle ourselves into the pattern which we had grown to enjoy prior to whatever made us afraid. Read the rest of this entry »


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