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An Evil Generation Seeks a Sign

Resurrection - 7Luke gives us a vivid picture in Luke 11:29 of the crowd as the people began to throng Jesus (G1865 – gathering thick together); the people simply continued to add to the crowd already there after Jesus healed the mute man (Luke 11:14). It is difficult to imagine such a thing occurring in the streets of Galilee or during Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. However, it would be very easy to understand such a thing occurring in the Temple, while Jesus was at Jerusalem during one of the annual Jewish festivals, when hundreds of thousands of pilgrims flocked to the city (cf. Luke 10:38).[1] On this occasion Luke tells us Jesus was involved in a fierce debate with the Jewish authorities, whom he declared were an evil generation of leaders, who sought sign after sign after sign without ever committing themselves to obey God. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Does the Olivet Prophecy Answer?


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In Matthew 24:3 the disciples came to Jesus and asked him three questions. First, when would all the terrible things he mentioned take place? Secondly, what would be the sign of his coming, and, finally, what sign would there be to show the end of the age? Did you ever wonder why the disciples asked these three particular questions at this particular time? Well, we need to understand what had occurred just prior to their questioning Jesus, if we are ever going to  understand Jesus’ reply. Read the rest of this entry »


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