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Vindicating the Apostles and the Prophets


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One of the great discrepancies of a futuristic view of the Apocalypse is that such a rendering of the Scriptures simply cannot be harmonized with what Jesus claimed during his ministry. Nor does it agree with what Paul said during his ministry. John tells us in Revelation 18:20 that by judging the great harlot God had avenged his holy Apostles and prophets. How could the destruction of any modern day army or nation avenge the persecution and deaths of the Apostles and prophets? Just as the vain traditions of men in the first century AD made the word of God of no effect, so, too, do modern day “vain traditions of men” make the word of God, particularly the Apocalypse, of no affect among his people. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Bridegroom Comes!

Bridegroom Comes

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The Olivet Discourse in Matthew extends into Matthew 25 where Jesus offers his Apostles three more parables. The first of these is the Parable of the Ten Virgins. As we know from the account, five were wise, but five were foolish in that they didn’t bring any oil for their lamps. As the bridegroom delayed, all of the virgins slept, but a cry was heard at midnight that the bridegroom was coming. All awoke and the five wise dressed their lamps, but the five foolish realized they hadn’t enough oil. When they asked the wise to share their oil, they were refused, because there might not be enough for both the wise and the foolish, if the wise gave up their oil. The foolish were told to go to them who buy and sell and buy oil for themselves, but as they went the Bridegroom arrived and only the wise were able to go with him. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is Israel the Fig Tree?

Fig Tree

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Dispensationalists try to tell us that the fig tree in Jesus’ Parable of the Fig Tree (Matthew 24:32-35) refers to the nation of Israel! When you see it bud, i.e. when it became a nation in 1948, that would be the beginning of the countdown to the coming of the Lord. That would be the beginning of “the generation” to which Jesus referred in Matthew 24:34. It amazes me to see the lengths people will go, the hoops they will seek to jump through and the obstacles they will try to leap over in order to keep from admitting error. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Gap Theory

Gap Theory - 1

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In Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy, he prophesied that 70 weeks of years were determined for the Jews. That is, a block of 490 years was set apart for the fulfillment of all things that concerned the Jews (Daniel 9:24). During this period of time, they would also rebuild the Temple and the walls of Jerusalem, and the Messiah would come. He would be killed, and the Temple would once again be destroyed, and all this would be done within this block of time (Daniel 9:25-27). Many, if not most, Christians today believe there is a gap of “X” number of years either between the 69th and 70th weeks of years or between the 69th and ½ week of years and the final 3 ½ years of the 70th week in Daniel’s prophecy. So, what can we say about these things? Was the gap a part of God’s original plan, or did he insert it later, and, if he did insert it later, why did he? Did Jesus know about the gap (cf. Mark 13:32)? Read the rest of this entry »

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To Anoint the Most Holy

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We now come to the sixth and final work of God as prophesied by the angel in Daniel 9:24, anointing the Most Holy. The term most holy is used at least forty-three times in the Old Testament and is taken to mean various things. It is used to refer to the whole Temple (2Chronicles 3:8, 10) or to the most holy place within the Temple behind the veil, wherein the ark and the mercy seat were (Exodus 26:33-34). It can also be used to refer to those things within the Temple that were consecrated to God, and were considered most holy to him (Exodus 30:26-29). It is also used of the altar of sacrifice (Exodus 29:37) and the altar of incense (Exodus 30:9-10), and the portion of the meal offering that went to the high priest and his family. The sin offering and the trespass offering were also regarded as most holy (Leviticus 2:10; 6:14-17). Read the rest of this entry »

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To Make an End of Sins

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The second statement in the angel’s prophecy of Daniel 9:24 is, “Seventy Weeks are determined… to make and end of sins.” How are we to understand this? If the meaning is that there would be no more sin in the world, then this prophecy has no fulfillment in sight. However, if this second work of God can be shown that we have misunderstood its meaning and it is indeed fulfilled, then we are well on our way to proving that Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy was fulfilled almost 2000 years ago, which means our looking for a future seven year period of trouble just before the return of Jesus is false! Read the rest of this entry »

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