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Preparing to Blow the Seven Trumpets

four TrumpetsAfter the Angel (High Priest) had cast the Golden Censor to the earth (Revelation 8:5), John noticed that the seven angels with the seven trumpets were preparing themselves to sound out (Revelation 8:6). It seems awfully unnecessary to say “the seven angels… prepared themselves to sound,” if all they had to do was draw a breath. No preparations were necessary for the Four Horsemen in Revelation 6:1-8, nor were any preparations necessary for the first four angels who poured out their vials of judgment upon Babylon in Revelation 16:1-9. Yet, concerning the angels who would blow the trumpets, it was said they “…prepared themselves to sound” (Revelation 8:6). What can we say of this? Read the rest of this entry »

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Sealing the Israel of God

Israel of God

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The sealing of the one hundred and forty-four thousand in Revelation, chapter 7, has been a point of interest to many Bible students throughout church history. In fact, some even interpret this group of believers to point to their own denomination, believing they are the most faithful of the faithful. The predominant view, however, is that the number is symbolic of a complete group of disciples of Christ with none missing. Yet, even this point of view is divided into two interpretations. The first explanation is that the group is made up of only believing Jews, i.e. the complete group of Jews with none missing, while the second understanding includes gentiles, pointing to the spiritual understanding of the Israel of God in the New Testament (Romans 2:28-29; 9:6-7). Read the rest of this entry »

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