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What Is the Nature of the Kingdom?

Kingdom of God - 3

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In a previous study[1] I mentioned that any futurist view of the coming of Christ is proved wrong, if, indeed, Jesus returned in 70 AD, as implied in the Parable of the Nobleman (Luke 19:11-27). Moreover, I also claimed that, if Jesus had intended to rule in a physical body, from a physical city (i.e. Jerusalem) on a physical throne, he could have done so in the first century AD, because multitudes of Jews wanted to put him there on several occasions (cf. John 6:15; 12:16-19). In other words, the Jews were ready to receive Jesus as their Messiah, if he had intended to reign in a physical body, on a physical throne, from physical Jerusalem! The fact is, they had always wanted a king such as this (cf. 1Samuel 8:5). Read the rest of this entry »

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