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War in Heaven

Fall of Satan

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In order for the idea to be true that demons are fallen angels, there had to have been some kind of conflict between the forces of good – God and his angels – and the forces of evil – God’s enemy and his angels. Yet, when those of us who believe or believed at one time that a ‘war in heaven’ did occur look into the word of God (the Bible), we are surprised to find that no account of such a conflict exists. I know I was surprised when I began to search the pages of God’s word to prove the teaching I had been told about Satan and his demons falling from their positions of glory in heaven. Yet, since there is no such clear record of such a thing occurring in the Bible, how did we come to believe a war between God and Satan occurred? Read the rest of this entry »

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God and Dualism

Good and Evil

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Before we discuss Jesus’ temptations (Luke 4:1-2), it might be a good idea to consider the problem of evil in our world and how this affects God. One of the problems of traditional Christian thought about God and evil spirit beings, including Satan, is that the doctrine makes out like God and an evil-spirit-world are in conflict, a conflict in which God seems to be losing. In fact, Jesus, himself, was asked if there would be only a few people saved (Luke 13:23). This idea is a product of dualism, which is a philosophy or, in our case, a theology that claims God (the good) is in conflict with Satan (the evil), and these entities are equal or nearly equal in power. Read the rest of this entry »


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