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Lambs Among Wolves

Lamb among Wolves

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Some commentaries say these Scriptures were of a temporary nature.[1] It is claimed that the authority given to the Seventy was not like that given to the Twelve, and that these served their purpose as Jesus preached in the towns on his way to Jerusalem. Nevertheless, Jesus told the Seventy everything that he told the Twelve (cf. Luke 9:1-10), but in more detail, if not given additional commands. Luke speaks of a plenteous harvest (Luke 10:2) but few laborers to do the work. Approximately one year earlier the Apostles were sent out on a similar mission, but their labor was to cast seed for growth. Now the harvest has come. Time was given for the good seed to bear fruit, and what the fields have yielded must be brought in for the Lord of the harvest. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Third Passover


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Because Luke doesn’t clearly show Jesus celebrating another Passover between John’s death and Jesus’ own crucifixion, many scholars believe Jesus set out to go to Jerusalem for the final time in Luke 9:51. Nevertheless, there are problems with this interpretation, and I believe that folks often skew the Scriptures in order to maintain this doctrine. Read the rest of this entry »

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