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The Day and the Hour

Day and hour - 6Looking at the Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13), specifically the eschatology of the parable, I notice that Jesus tells his Apostles, “Therefore watch, for you do not know either the day or the hour in which the Son of Man comes” (verse 13). Futurists will tell us that this directly relates to Matthew 24:36, which they use as the dividing scripture in the Olivet Discourse, saying that all of what comes after Matthew 24:36 is for our future. In other words Jesus was speaking of events that would take place cir. 2000 years into the future. Nevertheless, I’ve demonstrated in a great number of studies that this simply cannot be so.[1] We must consider audience relevancy, i.e. the first century audience. How did they understand Jesus’ statements? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Olivet Prophecy

Olivet Discourse - 1

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Much has been said about the Olivet Discourse being a prophecy for our day. Claimants try to show by using this prophecy that Jesus foretold his Second Coming to the earth in our own modern age. Is this true? To be perfectly honest there are many reasons why such a perspective  is false. This prophecy was for the first century AD, and this point of view is supported by simply reading the prophecy in context. Nevertheless, there are many who refuse to believe such a thing is so, and would rather see it as a prophecy for our day, because great worldly wealth can be gained by adhering to such a doctrine. Certainly, many have embarrassed the Church, through their false prophecies, and many people who believed the false prophets have been abused. So, it can be said that great injury has been brought to bear upon the name of Christ through their profiteering. Such is the fruit of twisting this scripture into a doctrine of men. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus Coming in the Clouds

Coming in the Clouds

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The Old Testament is full of examples of God coming to judge one nation or another. Apocalyptic or metaphorical language is often used to express the presence of God on such occasions. Terms such as God riding on the clouds are used, or the heavens had been rolled up like a scroll and God came down and the mountains melted like wax in a fire. Nevertheless, no one had ever actually seen God literally, physically or bodily, come out of heaven. No one had ever actually seen the heavens literally roll up like a scroll (Isaiah 34:4) or the mountains literally melt like wax in a fire (Isaiah 64:3). Yet, this is how the prophets of old had described God’s judgments against the nations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus Coming and the Wedding Feast

Tables beautifully set for a wedding reception

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In my previous study I showed how Jesus’ coming in Matthew 16:27 cannot be separated from his coming in his Kingdom in verse-28, as many commentaries want to do. Furthermore, since Jesus also predicted that some of the people listening to him at that time would live to see his coming, he tells us that his return would be in the first century AD. I also used Isaiah 40:1-10 to show there couldn’t be 2000 years of separation between Matthew 16:27 and 28. However, Isaiah 40 is not the only chapter with criteria showing the Lord’s Second Coming in 70 AD. Read the rest of this entry »

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My Word Will Not Pass Away

Word of God is Forever 2

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In 2Peter 3:7 Peter tells his readers in the first century AD that “the heavens and the earth” were at that time held in store for the fiery judgment and destruction of ungodly men. Modern, futurist commentators of the Bible have repeatedly understand Peter’s words to mean the literal destruction of **our** heavens and earth. However, I have been demonstrating in a number of recent studies on 2Peter chapter 3 that such an understanding is completely false and illogical. Neither does such an interpretation take first century AD audience relevance into consideration. Rather, they presume to read a modern literal meaning onto the text, which is completely unwarranted. Read the rest of this entry »

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Heaven and Earth Will Pass Away

Heaven and Earth Pass Away

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In his second epistle Peter told his readers that he was reminding them of what he had already told them in his first epistle (2Peter 3:1). In other words, Peter’s second epistle is all about what he wrote in his first one. However, Peter’s first epistle was worded differently, and in it he used very simple and direct language. So, the reader simply isn’t impacted in the same way in 2Peter 3, as he was when he read 1Peter 1. 2Peter chapter three uses very picturesque and apocalyptic language, while 1Peter chapter one does not. Read the rest of this entry »


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Vindicating Jesus

Glory of the Father - 1

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It seems to me that the Second Coming of Jesus, whether this event is in the past or in the future is extremely important, because the New Testament writers portray Jesus as coming in their lifetimes. That fact makes the **when** of his coming very important. Moreover, the Gospel narratives put words concerning the nearness of his coming into Jesus’ own mouth. In other words, they said that Jesus said he would come soon. Therefore, whether or not Jesus did what he said he would do is vital to our faith, and I won’t apologize or express regret in any way that Jesus said what he did. It is time for me to stand with him and not make excuses for him, as though he needs me to do so (He doesn’t—never did). Read the rest of this entry »


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