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Gay Marriages – Defining the Terms

Gay Marriage

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The subject of homosexuality and / or gay marriages has become one of the most hotly debated issues of our time. However, as I claimed in an early study, this subject is not a social one, or a political one. By its very nature, it is a theological matter. Therefore, we need to ask: should the Church accept gay relationships as Christian, if the couples are committed to a monogamous relationship? What does the Bible say, and can we know, if the Law that condemned homosexuality has been done away? Some of our church denominations have come out publicly, not only to embrace gay marriages, but to actually ordain gay ministers to serve as pastors or assistant pastors for Christians in those denominations. So, are gay marriages Christian? To answer this question, I believe we must first define what we mean by the term Christian. Read the rest of this entry »


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Would Jesus Eat with Gays?

Eat with Gays

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I am engaged in this present study in the spring of 2020. Donald Trump is President of the United States, and months ago I had made it known to my Christian brethren that I don’t think he is qualified to be our president. However I was told that I shouldn’t judge him, because Christians aren’t supposed to judge. Nevertheless, when I brought up the subject of Obama being our president, well, that was a different story. He was a terrible president. Why? President Obama was a family man. He loved his wife and children—the husband of one wife, by the way. President Trump, on the other hand, divorced his first wife and married another. He is a self-confessed womanizer, and even made the claim that, if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he’d be on her like flies on …whatever! And, my Christian brethren love this man! Go figure! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Alpha and the Omega

Alpha and Omega - 1

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It has been said by some that the words: “Write, for these things are true and faithful” (Revelation 21:5), were spoken, not by Christ, but by an angel. This might be true, but it seems awfully clumsy to have Christ speaking at the beginning of Revelation 21:5, but then an angel concludes the verse, but then Christ speaks again in the next verse. All this occurs without John ever mentioning an angel had spoken between Christ’s two declarations. It is easier to believe that Christ is speaking to John throughout the discourse, until John begins to describe his surroundings in Revelation 21:8. Read the rest of this entry »

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He Who Sat Upon the White Throne

Great White Throne

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In Revelation 20:11 we are told that John saw a great white throne, and he mentions that he saw One sitting on that throne. It is difficult to read this and not remember the opening of the sixth seal (Revelation 6:12-17). There everyone tried to hide from him who sat upon the throne. Thus, we are faced with the problem of taking the writing of the Apocalypse in chronological order. Instead, it seems that Jesus is presented first as the High Priest (Revelation 1 through 8:5), then as Prophet (Revelation 8:6 through 14), and finally as the King of kings (Revelation 15 through 22). In each representation of Christ (High Priest, Prophet and King) he is seen as coming to judge the earth (Revelation 6:16-17; 14:1, 14-16; and 19:11). Therefore, his offices are overlaid one upon the other, showing Revelation 6:16 is the same time as Revelation 20:11. Read the rest of this entry »

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His Eyes Were as a Flame of Fire

eyes a flame of fire - 1

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John tells us that he sees a rider on a white horse coming out of heaven (Revelation 19:11-12), which in the context of the Apocalypse simply means the Rider came out of the Most Holy Place of the Temple. In other words, the Rider came out of the place where God dwells, and from where he rules. As John observes this Rider, he says the Horseman’s eyes were as a flame of fire, which is also how John described Jesus earlier in the Apocalypse (Revelation 1:14; 2:18). So, the Rider seems to be Jesus, and this becomes clearer and incontrovertible, as we read on (Revelation 19:13-16). Read the rest of this entry »

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Open Up the Heavens!

Heaven Opened

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In Revelation 19:11 John tells us he saw heaven opened! The Greek word, anoigo (G455), is the perfect passive participle, and the verb should be translated as in Young’s Literal Translation: “having been opened.”In other words, John saw an existing condition not an action.[1] All three Synoptics record that the heavens opened just after Jesus’ baptism (Matthew 3:16; Mark 1:10; Luke 3:21), and all four Gospel accounts record that the (Holy) Spirit (of God) descended and remained on Jesus (Matthew 3:16; Mark 1:10; Luke 3:22; John 1:32-34). Moreover, not only had the heavens opened, but the Greek shows they stand open (John 1:51).[2] So, in the context of Revelation 19:11, John either turned his attention to the already opened heavens, or he was given a vision of the fact that the heavens were open. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Marriage Supper

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I have heard a lot of things about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and all of the commentaries, which I possess, put the event in the future. Some even believe Revelation 19:7 refers to a physical event. Hymns have been authored and sung about sitting down with Abraham, Moses and David, even Peter and Paul etc. Whoever might be one’s favorite Biblical character, it is almost certain that one would sit down at the table next to that particular hero of the Bible. Can you imagine the length and breadth of the table that would have to be constructed? But, God can do anything, so whatever one is able to imagine can be done! Right? The problem arises when we realize that not every imagination of our hearts meets with the Lord’s approval (Isaiah 55:8). Read the rest of this entry »


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The Merchants of the Earth

Merchants of the earth

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After the kings of the earth mourned over the destruction of Jerusalem, so, too, did the merchants of the earth (Revelation 18:11, 15-16). In a previous study I described the merchants of the earth not as traders in goods but peddlers of Judaism[1]—Jewish evangelists, prophets, rabbis etc. who preached Judaism around the Empire—making the doctrines of men (Matthew 15:3-9; 23:15; Mark 7:7-13; Titus 1:14) appear as though they were the word of God. According to Jesus’ parable of the Pounds (Luke19:12-27),[2] his disciples were like tax collectors (merchants of the earth) who did business for the Kingdom of God. If we use this analogy for the merchants mentioned in Revelation 18, then it becomes clear that these men didn’t peddle goods but rather dealt in the business of the Jewish religion. They sought to enhance its power and influence in the Roman world to include gentile proselytes, especially those gentiles who had political power and could realize the will of the Jews of the Diaspora upon those who differed from them (cp. Acts 13:50; 14:4-6, 19; 17:5-9). Read the rest of this entry »

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Reward Her Even As She Rewarded You

Babylon - His feet on Mt. Olives

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After the elect were safe (Revelation 18:4), the text concludes that the Lord remembered the iniquities of the great harlot (Revelation 18:5-6). It is not that the Lord had forgotten all that Babylon had done, but later he, suddenly, recalled it all. Rather, the sense is that the Lord is unveiled in the Scriptures as though he were handing down his verdict over what Jerusalem had done. Her deeds were remembered in that the Lord was now ready to judge her! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Glory of God Filled the Temple

GLory of God filled Temple

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John closes the fifteenth chapter of the Apocalypse by telling us he saw seven angels come out of the Temple in heaven, and they had the seven plagues. They were clothed in pure white linen, with their breasts girded in gold. He also saw one of the four beasts, and he had seven golden bowls or vials, which were full of the wrath of God, and he gave them to the seven angels Then John said that the Temple in heaven was filled with smoke from the power and the glory of God (Revelation 15:6-8). What does this mean? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Temple OF the Tabernacle of Witness

Tabernacle of Witness

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After the sign of the seven angels was seen (Revelation 15:1), and after John saw the overcomers standing upon the glassy sea before the throne of God (Revelation 15:2, and after John heard them sing the Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb (Revelation 15:3-4), he looked and saw in heaven that the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony was open (Revelation 15:5). But, what kind of language is “the Temple OF the Tabernacle etc.” To some scholars this doesn’t make sense. Others immediately say it refers to the Holy of Holies, but they don’t bother to explain what “the Temple OF the Tabernacle” means. Still others tell us that probably the Tent of Meeting or the Tabernacle of Witness is in view (Numbers 9:15; 17:7), rather than the Temple at Jerusalem. What can be said of these things? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Glassy Sea

Glassy Sea

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According to John’s record, the very next thing he saw, after mentioning the seven angels with the seven last plagues was “a sea of glass, mingled with fire” (Revelation 15:2). The text says that those who were victorious over the beast, his image and the number of his name were able to stand upon the glassy sea (thalassa – G2281), which was “mingled with fire” (Revelation 15:2). Read the rest of this entry »


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The Son of Man and a Sharp Sickle

Woman reaps wheat with a sickle. Close-up

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Salvation is often pictured in Scripture as the harvest season. While the fruit is still growing, much labor is spent to cause the grain in the field and the fruit on the vine to grow, and thus become a bountiful harvest. In the context of the Scriptures, this points to the Gospel being preached to plant the seed of the word of God in the hearts of men, and thereby cause their lives to glorify God, as that word matures in their hearts. In the Parable of the Sower Jesus spoke of how this occurs, and the trouble that comes upon some of the seed (Matthew 13:1-23). In the context of the Apocalypse in chapter 14:14-20, the harvest represents the end of the age, or when Jesus returns. The earth is reaped and the Judgment is set. Read the rest of this entry »

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There Was War in Heaven

War in heaven -- Polaris and Thuban

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Keeping in mind my previous studies on Revelation 12, showing that the Lord had originally named the stars in their constellations in the sky (Psalm 147:4; Job 9:9), there was war in heaven and the conductors of that war were the dragon and Michael, the Archangel. In the context of the theme of the battle between the dragon and the Strong Man in the heavenly constellations, this would be Satan versus Christ. Now, Christ is not an angelic being, but he does rule the angels of heaven, and that is all the prefix, arch, in archangel means. Jesus is God (John 1-3, 14) and not an angel (Hebrews 1:5-8, 13), but he is the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament, who bears the name YHWH (Genesis 22:11-12, 15-18; 28:12-22 compare with 31:11-13; 48:15-16). He is the Messenger (Angel) of the Covenant in Malachi 3:1, and this is Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Child Who Would Rule All Nations

Child of Revelation 12

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We are studying the twelfth chapter of Revelation, in which John saw several signs in the heavens. These, as I have shown in studies immediately previous to this one, are signs in the Zodiac, not Greek mythology, but signs which the Lord had given us that take note of the work he was doing among men. He gave these stars and signs their names (Psalm 147:4; Job 9:9), but his word had been corrupted by men to reveal “men, birds, beasts and creeping things” (Romans 1:21-23, 28) that reveal different stories than the Gospel, which they originally foretold. Read the rest of this entry »

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