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The Anonymous Disciple

Road to Emmaus

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Near the end of his Gospel narrative Luke tells us of an event whereby the resurrected Lord appeared to perhaps the first two male disciples (Luke 24:13-33). While it is possible that the Lord appeared first to Peter (Simon, cf. Luke 24:34), certainly Jesus’ appearance to the two in route to Emmaus came soon after he appeared to the women. One of the two was Cleopas (Luke 24:18), but the other remains anonymous. Therefore, the story of this appearance of Jesus comes from one of these two men. If we owe it to Clopas, it is odd that he doesn’t name the other disciple. If we owe this record to the unidentified disciple, it is odd that Luke doesn’t name his source. What can be said of these things? Read the rest of this entry »

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Was Luke an Eyewitness?


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The idea that Luke couldn’t be an eyewitness of Jesus’ teaching and work comes from the fact that most Biblical scholars believe his Gospel was written later in the 1st century AD, perhaps in the 80s, but some would date it even later. Therefore, the premise of Luke being an eyewitness seems out of the question, and even the proposition that there existed eyewitnesses of Jesus ministry at these late dates seems improbable, unless they were quite young witnesses at the time; for example, a witness in his 20s during Jesus’ ministry would be at least in his 70s by the time of the most accepted date for writing Luke. What can we say of these things? Read the rest of this entry »


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Lucius of Cyrene


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I mentioned in my previous posting, “Who is the Author of the Gospel of Luke,” that Luke is Lucius of Cyrene, who was one of the leaders of the church at Antioch. Nevertheless, Scripture makes no such statement, so how would we connect Lucius of Cyrene with Luke, whom second century AD church fathers say was the writer of the third Gospel narrative? To be honest, the idea that Lucius and Luke are the same person is drawn from circumstantial evidence. While no single reference in Scripture can show Lucius is the Gospel writer, the multiple implications added together make an argument that it is possible, perhaps even probable and difficult to deny.[1] Read the rest of this entry »


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