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Who Are the Two Witnesses?

Two Witnesses

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Identifying who the two witnesses really are is something of a difficult task. So many have tried to do so, and, at least for my taste, they all fail to produce a likely interpretation. I cannot seriously consider the return of Moses and Elijah, who seem to have been endowed with the kind of powers the two witnesses employ. Nor am I able to justify the return of Enoch and Elijah on the grounds they never died, but ascended into heaven, something the Scriptures deny (John 3:13). Finally, (and there are probably other interpretations of which I am unaware) I do not suppose the two witnesses could be the faithful church. Such interpretations just don’t appear to be credible or good interpretations of what we find in the Apocalypse. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Throne Room!

Temple Veil

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I believe one of the things that is missed by many Bible students who study the Apocalypse is that John is given a vision of the Temple of God and what occurs therein. For example, the first chapter revealed Jesus standing among seven golden lampstands (Revelation 1:12-13). The single lampstand with seven branches, upon each of which were seven lamps, stood in the Holy Place, or the first room of Solomon’s Temple, and later Herod’s Temple. Before the building, itself, was a brazen sea, which answers to the sea of glass, which stood before the throne of God in heaven (cf. Revelation 4:6). Therefore, the throne room, into which John was permitted to enter at least in the Spirit (Revelation 4:1-2), would have to be the Most Holy Place. It is in this place that the Mercy Seat was placed in the ancient Jewish Temple. Without this understanding, it may be difficult to interpret what follows. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Glorified Christ as High Priest

High Priest

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John tells us that he saw a human figure in the midst of the seven golden lampstands (G3087; Revelation 1:12).[1] This same Greek word is used for the candelabra that was found in the Holy Place of the Temple (Hebrews 9:2), and is, indeed, the same candelabra described in the Septuagint at Exodus 25:31-35 and other places in the Old Testament. The single candelabra with its seven branches represented Israel, but the seven individual lampstands, which may also be candelabras themselves, represent the seven churches in Asia, to whom John writes (cf. Revelation 1:20).[2] Jesus said the candle or lamp (G3087) was to be placed in an area in the house where its light would benefit all (Matthew 5:15; Mark 4:21; Luke 8:16). Read the rest of this entry »

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