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The Doctrine of Balaam

Baalim - Doctrine - 2

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Although the church at Pergamos had been preaching the Gospel, while holding fast to the name of Jesus and had not denied the faith, even under the pressure of risking their lives, Jesus said they had among themselves those who held to the doctrine of Balaam (Revelation 2:14)! What does this mean? Who was Balaam, and what was his doctrine? Read the rest of this entry »

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Marrying and Giving in Marriage

Liverate Marriage

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I suppose there are skeptics or scoffers in every age. Atheist and for that matter even some Jews, if we were involved in a debate would scoff at the Second Coming of Christ. They tell us that the New Testament writers believed he would come during the first century AD,[1] even Jesus predicted he would return before that generation to which he preached past away (Matthew 24:34). And, you know what? They are correct, both the New Testament writers and Jesus claimed he would return in the first century AD. However, the premise of their argument depends entirely on Jesus coming in a physical body that everyone could see. Their whole argument is based upon a physical Kingdom and a physical Second Coming, as is preached by all three groups of futurist eschatology (premillennialism, postmillennialism and amillennialism). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Marriage Supper

Marriage Supper - 1In Luke 12:35-40 Jesus spoke of his coming, and this coming was in the context of a wedding or the marriage supper. I think we might be able to understand what Jesus was saying to his disciples better, if we knew more about what a wedding looked like in the first century AD. First of all, unlike most marriages today, the wedding was usually arranged by the heads of two families, and falling in love had little, if anything, to do with such an arranged marriage. Love would come later. In fact, in most cases the couple hadn’t met prior to the arrangement ceremony. Indeed, if the case of Isaac wasn’t a singularity (Genesis 24:64-65), they may not have met until after all the arrangements had been made. Moreover, our modern wedding ceremonies, including Jewish ones, are very unlike that of the ancients, so to truly understand the metaphors hidden in them we must acquaint ourselves with how those things were done in the Bible. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Engaged Bondwoman

Hebrew Wedding

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The Biblical critic reads the Bible differently than does someone who has a high value for the word of God. To the critic, the Bible is merely another piece of ancient literature to be judged at face value. Nevertheless, this is not the point of view of a Christian who believes Scripture is God’s word. There are rules one must adhere to in order to fully grasp the full meaning of the Bible, and no less is this the case for Leviticus 19:20-21. One might, for example, read Thalia Gur-Klein’s feminist perspective of this scripture and believe her analysis must show God, through the Mosaic Law, is not compassionate toward women,[1] at least those who find themselves in a substandard social position. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Unnamed Servant and the Bride

At first I didn’t want to admit the calling of the bride for Isaac was a type of calling out the Bride of Christ, the Church, from the world. I thought it might be a bit too spiritually minded, perhaps a little too religious to be practical, especially as the analogy applies to the Holy Spirit, but I am unable to deny the symbolism I see here in Genesis 24. All types, if carried too far, will fail, but this does not negate the fact that the type is real. For example, all animal sacrifices point to the sacrifice of Christ, yet none of the animal sacrifices or all of them considered together could take away anyone’s sinfulness, as the sacrifice of Christ has done. Therefore, the type is real even if it is not equal in every way. Read the rest of this entry »

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