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The Kingdom of God Versus the World

Spirit of Error - 1

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The Apostles wondered (Luke 9:43b) at what Jesus had done and asked him why they couldn’t heal the boy (Mark 9:28; Matthew 17:32). At that time Jesus told the disciples that they needed to keep in mind that he would be turned over to his enemies and would be killed (Luke 9:44), but they simply were unable to understand what he was saying, because what Jesus meant was hid from them (Luke 9:45). The problem is that the rabbis taught that the Messiah would come and successfully free the Jews from those who enslaved them (the Romans in the context of the first century AD). Read the rest of this entry »


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The Transfiguration and the Apostles


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Often we speak of the Transfiguration as though it was simply an event in the lives of the three Apostles who were with Jesus, and we conclude they simply misunderstood, and in saying so we move on to the next event in the Gospel narratives. We may conclude that Jesus was in a glorified state, something like we expect him to be at his Second Coming (although Jesus’ parousia or coming isn’t mentioned), but then we move on in the narrative. But, wait! What actually happened there on top of Mt. Olives? What did the three Apostles experience, and what might they have been thinking versus its true meaning? What real value can we take away from all this? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Transfiguration of Christ and Us!


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In Luke 9:28-36 is recorded Jesus’ Transfiguration. In previous studies I have shown that the mountain mentioned in Luke 9:28 is Mount Olivet. This is the mountain to which Messiah will come (Zechariah 14:1-4) in glory, and Jesus just finished saying to the Twelve that some of them standing with him at that time would see him coming with power (glory) in the Kingdom of God (Luke 9:27; Mark 9:1; Matthew 16:28). The Mount of Olives is the mountain from which Jesus ascended into heaven and to which it was promised that he would return (Acts 1:9-12). Sometime during the night and during prayer (Luke 9:29), Jesus was Transfigured. The Apostles were asleep (Luke 9:32), but woke up and saw his glory. Read the rest of this entry »

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