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Thousands and Thousands of Errors!

Thousands of Errors

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When I first learned that there were about 200,000 errors in the early manuscripts of the New Testament or variants in the texts as they compared with other manuscripts of the Bible, I wondered how one could conclude we have an accurate Bible today. Then I read the fine print. Never overlook the fine print, when making an important decision. It may contain the most important data one needs in order to make an informed decision about that very important matter at hand. Read the rest of this entry »


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Demythologizing the New Testament


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If some modern critics could have their way, we would be taught that all prophetic accounts in the Bible should be understood as records written after the events had already transpired. Isn’t this a bit like unbelievers telling believers what to believe? Some scholars begin with an anti-supernatural bias and formulate their conclusions about the Bible to support what they have already concluded before they attempted their study. They call this demythologizing the New Testament. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dating the New Testament

Sherlock-HolmesIt has been argued, and rightfully so, that there existed a strong oral tradition in first century Judaism. But, what should that mean to us in the 21st century? Should we believe that no one wrote anything down concerning Christian literature prior to 70 AD except for Paul during this period of oral tradition? Certainly Josephus didn’t let his Jewish history to oral tradition and he drew upon the writings of others who recorded what Jewish officials were doing at the time the events transpired. So, other Jews, who also held to a strong oral tradition, were recording events of importance in written form. Read the rest of this entry »

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