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Misconceptions and Answered Prayer

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In a previous blog[1] I showed that it is a misconception to believe that God’s omniscience relegates prayer impotent. Omniscience means God knows all things that could be known, and since he created time, he has no future or past. God exists in an eternal present. This means, although our future is known to him, God doesn’t know it before our present or our past is known. He simply knows us—our whole life is before him at once. Therefore, if we pray to God concerning an important matter in our present, God is able to answer our request in our favor in the present, and it becomes a part of our future—whether our immediate or distant future. Time may be affected from our perspective, but time has no bearing from God’s perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

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God Concept - 1

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Prayer is what we say to God. It can be worship and praise, or it can come in the form of personal requests for ourselves or others whom we know or of whom we have been told and are in need of God’s intervention. Sometimes, prayer is simply conversation with God. It doesn’t take the form of worship, praise or request, but rather it is simply a personal sharing of one’s life similar to how one would do with a friend. Read the rest of this entry »

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Suffering, Time and God’s Omniscience

What about the proposition that, if God is omniscient, he could have prevented evil and suffering in the first place and controlled everything to a point that would have prevented man from going too far with his freewill, but also allowed him free moral agency within the confines of God’s perfect will for him. In this way seemingly unbearable, cruel and unnecessary suffering would have been prevented and God’s perfect will would have occurred within the parameter of man’s free moral agency, or so the argument is made. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Doesn’t God Prevent Some Suffering?

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Some folks may believe an argument could be made against point of view on suffering as expressed in my previous blog. It could be said that I dodged a more difficult proposition that, supposedly, God could selectively intervene in cases of extreme suffering, as the God of the Bible often did for various reasons throughout Biblical history. However, to claim that God can’t intervene because that would somehow make us less responsible would effectively be the same as a god that doesn’t exist. If we push the efficacy of God back to the unknowable afterlife, then what value is God here and now? Read the rest of this entry »

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