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The Overthrow of the World

from Google Images

from Google Images

Peter uses the phrase the foundation of the world in 1Peter 1:20. I believe Adam’s rebellion is in view with this phrase in the KJV and other translations of the New Testament. The Greek word katabole (G2602) has been translated almost exclusively by the English translators as foundation, creation or beginning (in the several translations I possess)—all referring to the creation of the world by God. The sole exception is Hebrews 11:11 where the word (G2602) is translated conceive in order to show Sarah was given the ability to give birth to Isaac. It is my understanding that this Greek word (G2602) has not been rendered properly by the translators, and I believe I am able to prove my argument by showing how its related word, kataballo (G2598), is translated in the New Testament. Katabole (G2602),[1] which appears eleven times in the New Testament, is the noun, while kataballo (G2598), appearing three times, is the verb. Read the rest of this entry »


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