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I Come Quickly

Coming of Christ

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Jesus told the church in Philadelphia that he is coming quickly, and they needed to ‘hold fast’ to what they had, so no man could take or remove their crown (Revelation 3:11). When Jesus said he was coming “quickly” (tachu – G5035), I believe, if we truly take audience relevance into consideration, we would have to say that he meant he was coming very soon, i.e. in the expected lifetimes of his readers (viz. Matthew 16:27-28). The same Greek word was used in Matthew 5:25 for the need of an accused to settle with his adversary quickly, before he had to appear before the judge. It was used of the women fleeing Jesus’ gravesite, after the angels told them to tell the disciples of his resurrection (Mark 16:7-8). Again, it was used of Mary quickly running to Jesus upon learning of his presence at Lazarus’ tomb (John 11:29). Read the rest of this entry »

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