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What About the Unforgivable Sin?

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According to Jesus’ own words, denying him before men will be forgiven (Luke 12:10). The believer who denies his Savior must endure Jesus’ judgment against unbelievers, something from which the faithful will be saved (Revelation 3:10), but he is forgiven. The modern critic might deny Jesus ever lived, for example, and this might be considered similar to the Jewish authorities denying Jesus’ birth was miraculous (cf. John 8:41),[1] but such things are forgivable in the sense that someone says: “I’m sorry” and the reply is “I forgive you!” and that’s the end of it (Luke 12:10). An example in the text would be found at Luke 23:42-43 where the “good thief” had been making derogatory statements against Jesus, but afterward recanted in that he rebuked his fellow robber, and then asked Jesus to remember him when he came into his Kingdom. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Parable of the Evil Spirit


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In Luke 11:24-28 Jesus offers his listeners a parable about an evil spirit in an effort to unveil what was at stake for the Jewish nation, if they didn’t receive him as their Messiah. First of all, there isn’t a single example in the Bible where a demoniac was healed but, afterward, became possessed again. Therefore, we need to ask if Jesus’ words have another meaning. Secondly, we need to remember that Jews in the first century thought and spoke differently than did gentiles of the same period. Jews would think and speak in pictures, but gentiles more analytically. For example, a gentile might have claimed Caesar was a great leader, but the Jews would have called David a great shepherd. A gentile might refer to a good man as someone of strong moral character, but an ancient Jew might say he was as a tree planted by the riverside, whose leaves didn’t wither (cf. Psalm 1:3). Read the rest of this entry »

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