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Blowing the Fifth Trumpet

Fifth Trumpet

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Albert Einstein once said that logic would take one from A to B, but imagination would take one everywhere. I could say something similar about how one interprets the Apocalypse. Scripture will take us from “A” to “B”, but imagination will take us everywhere. It seems to me that some folks really believe that, if they could imagine a thing to be true as an interpretation of the Apocalypse, then that thing **must** be so. Some of the places the commentaries take us in this book are really bizarre. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Fifth Seal – Persecution

fifth seal

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When Jesus opened the fifth seal, John’s attention was drawn toward the Altar of Incense, where the prayers of the saints were offered to God by the High Priest. There John was given a vision of those who were martyred for the testimony they bore, concerning the Word (Logos, G3056) of God (Revelation 6:9). Martyr vindication is a major theme found throughout the Bible (Matthew 23:29-33, 35-36), and it is this very matter that is referred to in the question the souls asked the Lord. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Glassy Sea

Sea of Glass

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I am, presently, involved in a study of the Apocalypse, and at this point I’m considering what John saw in chapter four. In previous studies in this chapter, we’ve looked at John’s call to come up and enter the open door. John was taken in vision to behold the Lord sitting on his throne, and he witnessed sights that were difficult to describe, such as a rainbow that resembled an emerald in its brilliance. Around the throne were twenty-four other thrones upon which elders sat, whom I’ve concluded were the captains of the twenty-four courses of priests inaugurated by David, when he brought the Ark of the Testimony to Jerusalem for a permanent residence. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jezebel’s Judgment and Killing with Death

Kill with Death

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In Revelation 2:21 the Lord is still speaking to the leader of the church at Thyatira, and he is speaking about that Jezebel he mentioned in the previous verse. Jezebel is a name for those who claim to be Jews, but are not. That is, they claim to be the people of God, but they don’t obey him. They are the Jews who crucified the Lord. She was given time to repent, probably the time between Jesus’ resurrection and Stephen’s death (cir. 3 1/2 years), but they didn’t. This period was a period of relative safety granted the elect believers, as mentioned in Revelation 12:14. It culminated in spilling righteous blood, so the Jerusalem authorities simply wouldn’t repent. Read the rest of this entry »


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Cherry-picking Scripture Leads to Error

Text without Context

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Jesus reminded the disciples of what he had told them before they arrived in Jerusalem, namely, that all things written in the scriptures concerning him must be fulfilled (Luke 24:44). Moreover, this pertained to how he would be mistreated and mocked by the Jewish leaders, and how he would be scourged and crucified by the gentiles, but he would rise again on the third day (cf. Luke 18:31-34; 24:25-26). He then began to open their understanding of the scriptures (Luke 24:45; cf. Acts 16:14), but this may not have been like switching on a light in order to dispel their darkness. Rather, it may have taken several appearances, before the disciples fully understood and embraced what Jesus had been telling them for some time (cf. Acts 1:3). One doesn’t rid himself of false doctrine very easily or all at once. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Good Thief

Good Thief

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Luke mentions that one of the criminals taunted Jesus, demanding him to save himself and them who were crucified with him (Luke 23:39). The second criminal, however, rebuked the first, telling him he had no fear of God, before whom they both were coming to be judged (Luke 23:40). The second man admitted to his guilt, saying that both his and the other man’s judgment fit the crimes they committed (Luke 23:41). Read the rest of this entry »

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What Did Noah Know?

Days of Noah

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Some Christians believe that the Lord actually came spiritually in 70 AD, judged Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple through the Roman army he brought against the Jews. However, having done that, he returned to heaven and rules from there, and he will return sometime in the future in a more glorious physical coming, whereby he will judge the nations. Some even tell us he will destroy and then rebuild the earth, from which he will reign (physically) forever. The alleged proof of such a doctrine begins with the little word “but” in Matthew 24:36: “BUT… of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” – All things before the but occurred by 70 AD, and all things after the but will occur (allegedly) at Jesus’ yet future Second Coming! So… what can be said about this matter? Does the Lord really come twice? Is that what he said he would do? Read the rest of this entry »

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