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Paul’s Name Revisited

In a recent blog-post (HERE), I suggested that Saul changed his name to Paul at Acts 13:9, and that Luke is doing some word play on the names of Elymas-Bar Jesus and Saul/Paul. While I still believe this, my suggestion that Saul received his name, Paul, rather recently in Syrian Antioch as a put-down by Romans, wishing to denigrate his evangelistic activity there, has been brought into question by Richard Fellows (HERE, and HERE), and I cannot, legitimately disagree. Read the rest of this entry »

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How Did Saul Become Paul?

For the first time Luke refers to Saul by the name Paul in Acts 13:9, and most commentaries believe that Christianity’s great evangelist was given the name Paul at birth and answered to his Roman citizenship, but Saul was given as his Hebrew name. However, this is not necessarily so. Paul’s birth names may not have even come down to us. It is unlikely that a Jew born in Tarsus was given a Hebrew name. In fact, according to Richard Fellows (HERE), archeologists have not uncovered one Hebrew name in Tarsus! Most likely Paul was given the name Saul when he began his studies in Jerusalem as a young lad. Read the rest of this entry »


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Who is the Author of Acts?

Acts - 6It is apparent from the prologue of Acts that its author is the same as that for what we refer to as the “Gospel According to Luke!” Both were written about the Lordship of Jesus and the Kingdom of God (Acts 1:3; cp. Luke 4:43) to someone by the name of Theophilus. Moreover, Acts refers Theophilus to his former treatise or account (logos – G3056) concerning all that Jesus began to both do and teach (Acts 1:1; cp. Luke 1:3). Many modern critics try to tell us that, because neither work is signed, we cannot know the author of either. Read the rest of this entry »

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