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Jesus Coming in Judgment and to Rule

Judgment Day

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I have been involved in a study of Matthew 16:27-28, which records Jesus saying he would come in the glory of the Father to reward each man according to his works, and that some of those standing by and listening would live to see him coming in his Kingdom. I have been showing how Jesus’ statement is founded upon Old Testament prophecies, such a s Isaiah 40, 62 and Daniel 7 and 9. I have also been showing that Matthew 16:27 cannot be separated from verse-28, which must be done, if the futurists’ eschatology is to be maintained. Moreover, I have proved why Matthew 16:28 could not be fulfilled in the Transfiguration or on the day of Pentecost. The only possible meaning for verse-28 is that it was fulfilled cir. 70 AD at the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, which I have said was also the fulfillment of Matthew 16:27. Read the rest of this entry »

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Eight Significant Sabbaths

Sabbath - 1

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Luke mentions that on a certain Sabbath day Jesus was invited to eat a meal in the home of a prominent Pharisee (Luke 14:1). This particular Sabbath is probably significant, because it was the eighth and final Sabbath that the Gospel narratives mention in Jesus public ministry.[1] One other Sabbath is mentioned in the Gospel narratives, but on it Jesus lay dead in the tomb after his crucifixion (Luke 23:50-54). All that is said about Jesus in the Gospel narratives is in one way or another built up around these seven Sabbath days, and, since no one Gospel writer mentions all of them, taken together they unite the four in a manner in which one might otherwise miss, if one simply reads the four narratives individually. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thy Kingdom Come

Prayer - 13

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The second request Jesus tells his disciples to pray in Luke 11:2 is “Thy Kingdom come.” As I claimed in a previous study, some folks believe that, if we are praying for God’s Kingdom to come, our prayer implies his Kingdom must not yet be present. However, this isn’t so in the light of Luke 10:21, where Jesus rejoices and addresses his Father as “Lord of heaven and of earth!” Our Father cannot be Lord of earth, unless his Kingdom is present upon the earth. Moreover, the exact same tense of the verb “come” in Luke 11:2 is used for the verb “forgive” in Luke 11:4, and certainly we can’t be asking God to forgive our sins at some future date. Therefore, if this logic is sound, how should we understand our asking our Father to cause his Kingdom to come? In what sense must it yet come, if it is already here? Read the rest of this entry »

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