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Jesus’ Post Resurrection Appearances

Jesus appears to Mary - 1

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Below one will find a chart with approximate times of Jesus’ appearances to folks, after he rose from the dead. Obviously, seeking absolute accuracy is impossible. The scriptures simply are not that detailed that they would offer such precision, so some guesswork needs to take place in such an endeavor. Nevertheless, what appears below will agree with the scriptures. Some things that I have written will not be embraced by all, but that’s okay. I have endeavored to be as accurate as the scriptures would allow me to be. I haven’t knowingly assumed any doctrine of men, rather, interpreted what I have seen in the word of God and wrote what seemed good to me. I hope that even among those who disagree with me that one can understand why I have interpreted the scriptures in the manner in which he reads here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Two Witnesses for Jesus

Pilate and Herod

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Josephus mentions an interesting event that occurred about a year prior to Jesus’ crucifixion. Pilate had built an aqueduct into Jerusalem using Temple funds for its financing. When many Jews objected to his use of Temple funds to pay for the project, he had some of his military men disguise themselves and mingle with the crowd of Jewish demonstrators. When Pilate gave the signal, his men began killing Jews in the crowd. They were supposed to kill only the most vocal demonstrators, but they killed indiscriminately, and with such vigor that they slew the lambs, too, which some of the Jews carried, intending to have them slain for the Passover celebration. Thus, the blood of the men was mingled with that of the animals (cf. Luke 13:1), a very distasteful matter among the Jews. Many of these Jews were Galileans, and, when this event was told to Herod Antipas, he also viewed the ordeal with contempt, putting Pilate and him at odds with one another. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Charges Against Jesus

Brought Before Pilate

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After finding Jesus guilty of blasphemy, a verdict requiring death under the Mosaic Law (Leviticus 24:16), the Sanhedrin, immediately, brought Jesus to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate (Luke 23:1; cf. 3:1), because, under Roman Law, the Jewish authorities had no right to execute anyone for a crime (John 18:31). Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Trial Before the Whole Sanhedrin

Jesus' Trial - 2

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One might argue that Jesus’ whole public ministry was one, big, three and a half year trial, but in reality his trials were intermittent. He wasn’t debating with the Jewish authorities every hour of every day, and neither was he correcting his disciples all of the time. I suppose he had many hours of pleasant discourse in what could be termed good times with those closest to him. After all, the text does say he loved his disciples, and they loved him (John 13:1; 15:9; 16:27), and love cannot exist under constant criticism or distrust. Nevertheless, during Jesus’ final hours, he was tried almost constantly. It began during his final meal with his disciples, and the trials didn’t end until the day was over, and he lay peacefully in the grave. Read the rest of this entry »

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Render to Caesar…

Render unto Caesar

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The rabbis among the Sanhedrin conspired with the Herodians to catch Jesus in his words. They sent their own disciples with the Herodians as spies, pretending to be honest seekers of truth (Luke 20:20; Matthew 22:15; Mark 12:13). However, Jesus knew their hypocrisy, and Matthew even says Jesus called them hypocrites (Luke 20:23; Matthew 22:17-21; Mark 12:14-17). Jesus told them to bring him the tribute money. It was a Roman denarius, and just like the Jews wouldn’t accept just any coin for the Temple tax, but it had to be a certain one minted in Tyre, neither would Rome accept any coin but the Roman denarius for the tribute money. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Response and Absentee Landlords

Judgment - 3An envoy from the Sanhedrin sought to lay a trap for Jesus by questioning his authority to do those things he had been doing, ever since the day he had entered Jerusalem, while riding on the colt of a donkey, amid the praise of the people, as though they were welcoming their King. Since the Jewish authorities refused to answer Jesus’ counter question, he responded by telling them he wouldn’t reply to theirs (Luke 20:8). Nevertheless, in reality he did answer them in a thinly veiled parable that immediately followed their confrontation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Right to Do the Things He Did

Cleansing the Temple - 2The Sanhedrin, the high court of the Jews had sent an envoy to ask Jesus about his claim of authority (Luke 20:1-2). The men had power to arrest Jesus on the spot, so Jesus’ personal freedom was at stake and depended upon how he answered their question. Therefore, we need to step back and ask ourselves: how could we be sure that Jesus wasn’t simply a rebel, who had come to create unrest for the authorities in Jerusalem in particular and the Jewish nation in general? From the very beginning there were people who said that Jesus’ claims to be the Holy One of God (i.e. the Messiah) would eventually destroy the nation (cf. Luke 4:31-34). What can we say about these things? Read the rest of this entry »

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