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Jesus’ Coming and Paul

In Matthew 24:3 the Apostles asked Jesus what would be the sign of his coming or parousia (G3952). Jesus told them that his coming could not be hid (Matthew 24:27), and it would come upon the people suddenly when they least expected it (Matthew 24:37-39). Recently I wrote that Peter, James and John believed and taught Jesus coming would be in their expected lifetimes in the 1st century CE. What did Paul believe and teach? Did he agree with those who knew Jesus the longest, or did he teach something different? Read the rest of this entry »


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As Lightening Comes out of the East

Jesus told us that his coming could not be hidden, for “as the lightning comes out of the east and shines even to the west, so also will be the coming of the Son of Man” (Matthew 24:27). I think the very fact that Jesus tells his disciples to beware of the possibility of deception (Matthew 24:24-26), that a veil of sorts would be upon his coming, but how could a veil be on Jesus’ coming if it couldn’t be hid? Nevertheless, if there were no veil, why would Jesus include a sign to show his coming had occurred? Why would we need a “sign” if Jesus were speaking of his Second Coming to this earth, as modern Christianity has come to perceive it, and was exercising his great power as the Son of God at Jerusalem? Read the rest of this entry »

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What Does the Olivet Prophecy Answer?

In Matthew 24:3 the disciples came to Jesus and asked him three questions. First, when would all the terrible things he mentioned take place, Secondly what would be the sign of his coming, and finally what sign would there be to show the end of the age. Did you ever wonder why the disciples asked these three particular questions at this particular time? Well, we need to understand what prompted the disciples to ask these questions, if we are ever going to be able to understand Jesus’ reply. Read the rest of this entry »


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Then shall be Great Tribulation

In the Olivet Prophecy Jesus pointed to a time of great persecution. Not only were God’s people persecuted, but this particular event would be like no other in history either before or afterward. Notice what Jesus said in Matthew: Read the rest of this entry »

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Jerusalem Surrounded by Armies

In Luke 21:20 of the Olivet Prophecy, Jesus predicted that Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies just before its destruction. At this time his people were to flee to the mountains. Josephus tells us that this occurred in 66 CE. The Roman general, Cestius, had taken part of the city. He burned the new city and had taken the upper city and encamped at the foot of the Temple wall. Josephus claimed that had he continued, the war would have come to a quick conclusion,[1] but “…without having received any disgrace he retired from the city, without any reason in the world…”[2] It was after this time that “…the most eminent of the Jews swam away from the city, as from a ship when it was going to sink.”[3] Read the rest of this entry »


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Delivered up to be Persecuted and Killed

One of the things Jesus predicted would occur that does not necessarily point to the time of the end is the persecution of the elect, or those who have believed the Gospel. Persecution and the act of killing believers in Christ have been occurring off and on somewhere in the world since the time of Stephen’s death. According to the Scriptures, immediately after Jesus resurrection and ascension into heaven, the church would experience safety for about 3 ½ years (Revelation 12:13-14). Although the disciples were beaten at least once after Pentecost, 31 CE (Acts 5:40), no one lost his life to persecution until the death of Stephen. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Beginning of Sorrows

In the Olivet Prophecy Jesus told the disciples that they had to be on their guard, so they wouldn’t be deceived (Matthew 24:4). Then he pointed out several things from wars and natural disasters to false-christs that would seem to lead people into thinking “the end” is near. People are never more religious than during times of disaster. When hope is ebbing away and control over one’s life seems all but gone, people turn to God, or at least give an appearance of turning to him. Churches fill up during the times of war. Many in America began turning to God during the 911 crises a decade ago. But, as time takes the edge off our fears, we begin to resettle ourselves into the pattern which we had grown to enjoy prior to whatever made us afraid. Read the rest of this entry »


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